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  1. Hardware
    Ps4 > xbox one

    Ps4 > xbox one

    Number of exclusives
    PlayStation > Microsoft

    Ps plus > xbox gold

    Ps4 > xbox one

    First party studios
    PlayStation > Microsoft


    Ps eye < kinect Ps eye $50 > Kinect $150

    Project morpheus VR headset > NONE

    Ps move > NONE

    Ps4 = xbox one


    No reason to get an xbox one.


  2. I have a question.

    I bought a Playstation 4 today but I have not yet connected to PS Network.
    I used PSN on my PS3 and had many friends that I talked to. I want to
    connect my PS4’s Online to my old PSN account so I can talk to my old PSN
    friends and download Online Patches. However, I don’t really plan on
    playing Multiplayer with other people at the moment.

    Question: Do I need to pay fees if I merely wish to be connected to PSN,
    talk to my friends and download online patches? I won’t play Mulitplayer or
    nothin’ just yet

  3. This does seem like a really over asked question but I need help with this.
    should I get a PS4 or xbox one?

  4. Hi Playstation”jaggedi-stutterpopin&up-lag-jagg” 4.

  5. I had both the 360 and Ps3, but honsetly played 360 more and did more
    online multiplayer on said 360.

    That said, I kinda dropped out of the online gaming part for the past 2
    years for various reasons and want to get back to it. I suppose the
    question I’m really asking is which system should I go with? PC, Xbox One,
    or PS4?

    Didn’t include the Wii U because I already have that


    P = PIECE OF
    S = SHIT
    4 = 4 VIRGINS

  7. whatever happened to that feature on the ps4 where you could have a friend
    play for you, if you couldnt beat a level. i remember hearing about it a
    long while ago but havent heard about it since

  8. Guys is there any real reason why I should wait for 2nd gen? I’ve heard all
    the talk about launch consoles running into all sort of problems soon after
    they are released but my ps3 is dying and i really don’t want to wait for
    the ps4 slim.

  9. Sebastian Riquelme

    wena wena misterion! taringa maraca perra klia ratas klias penegas777

  10. PS4 or Xbox One?

  11. Can you play ps3 game disk on PS4 ??

  12. Александр Хамхадера

    press x to win!

  13. To me the PS4 is better then XboxOne
    but i like the Xbox controller better 

  14. Love my PS4, it’s so powerful and everything is well integrated. 

  15. Benjamin Thibodeaux


  16. Please comment on my post on Google’s Forum to help raise known interest so
    that they release Google Chrome on the PS4

  17. TheSuperLegoMaster7

    The Xbox ones controller is terrible for me

  18. is amazing

  19. what are some good ps4 games that are out now?

  20. Holy.. crap.. SOO COMPLICATED! It’s so clunky and disorganized. What a
    crap UI. Why is everything moving in a backwards direction when it comes
    to this? The PS3 design is close to perfect. Why couldn’t that just be
    improved upon?

  21. Ps4 bro

  22. I just bought the ‘ultimate IMac’, Iphone 6plus, Playstation 4, Yngwie
    Malmsteen signature Fender stratocaster and Yngwie signature Marshall
    amp!!! I also purchased a 2014 Rolls Royce Wraith and Lamborghini
    Aventador. CAUSE IM RICH BITCH

  23. how fast do you talk lol

  24. Undercard Arsonal

    PS4 is a very appealing console, however I still looking at Valves Steam OS
    and machines. 


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