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Amazon Fire TV review

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  1. only thing i love moe about this than the apple tv is that it has a
    bluetooth remote so you can use it from literally anywhere in your house
    without pointing directly at it

  2. I bought a firetv in app purchasing stopped working in three months.Called
    amazon.com told them I did not want a new one if I had to send back old one
    (the idiot I talked to told me I could keep it and they would send me a
    new one)they said I could keep. three weeks later amazon sending me a bill
    for 99 dollars if I did not send one back.(even though they or on sale for
    84 dollars)played asphault 8 lost probally lost 100 of hours of gameplay
    plus 30 bucks not all in app purchasing is refunded,probally lost 60 bucks
    in gaming all toghether.New one in app purchasing stopped within a week.I
    found out you can fix bye resetting but you lose a lot of time and money
    in gaming by doing this.

  3. Hello? JUST BUY AN OLD PS3 – access to all online tv services and it’s a
    blu-ray player.

  4. Dan Seifert unpacks Amazon’s new set-top box, the Fire TV. The Fire TV
    competes directly with other streaming boxes like the Roku or Apple TV, and
    Amazon’s focus on “speed, search, and accessibility” could make it an
    enticing new option in the war for your living room.

  5. DeRussell Masina

    Is there a YouTube app? This is a deal breaker. I’m a YouTuber

  6. it sucks. Why? It uses a castrated Android fork.

  7. To be a first edition, they’ve really done an amazing job.
    And what a nice price tag.
    I love that it’s more powerful than the Wii U:)
    And its game collection is larger too.

  8. Can I broadcast from my phone

  9. So, is this like Netflix, where once you buy it, you get all shows? Or do
    you buy this and have to buy shows and movies?

  10. does anyone know if you can get american netflix on this if im in the uk?
    On my xbox i simply changed the DNS settings and that works ok, and on my
    computer i use Hola unblocker. just wondering if it can be done on this and
    if so, how simple it it?

  11. If someone has one I’m just curious if you can use a wireless keyboard with
    it and can you surf the internet? Thanks

  12. do u hav to pay for all the movies and stuff on top of wot u already pay
    for the box

  13. Nguyen kinh luan

    I really like the Fire TV box so far. The voice search thing is pretty
    good, but I just wish it had the ability to surf the internet. First is
    Apple TV which is easy to use (interface) but Apple limits the content you
    can get greatly (including no Prime Streaming built in) and it lacks a lot
    in features as well and is slow

  14. One word Chromecast :)

  15. Laurent de backer

    Nice review! thank you :-), does anyone know if this is only in the US ? Or
    will it be available in Europe also?

  16. If you have a Xbox or a PS console, you really don’t need this product.
    Save your cash…

  17. Great video – But can I mirror the following devices to my TV using the
    Amazon Fire TV:
    1) an iPad or iPhone?
    2) an Android tablet or Smartphone?
    3) a Windows 8 tablet or Smartphone?

  18. holy shit that opening shot

  19. my question is why buy amazon fire tv when the smart tv already comes with
    all these apps?

  20. do you need an amazon tv or is it a box converter?

  21. I’m buying a HD TV and this for my mom

    Would this be a excellent cable replacement for her? She is interested in
    Hulu and Netflix 

  22. OriginalNoseBleed


  23. Can I watch crunchy roll on this? 

  24. i never understood the point of these set top boxes

  25. Great video – But can I mirror the following devices to my TV using the
    Amazon Fire TV:
    1) an iPad or iPhone?
    2) an Android tablet or Smartphone?
    3) a Windows 8 tablet or Smartphone?

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