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Xbox One REVIEW! Adam Sessler Reviews

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  1. I currently using 360 but looking to upgrade. I don’t care anything about
    recording game play or live tv. I know I am about to open a can of worms
    asking this question but I am going to ask it anyway. Is XBox One for me or
    am I better off with PS4?

  2. I just purchased a Xbox one but I’m kinda regretting it I’m thinking I
    should got a ps4 oh well what’s done is done 

  3. “AHH Xbox One sucks. Ps4 is better”
    “All sony fans don’t know that they’re missing out on Xbox One”

    This is why I like being a both player. I have both. Love both.

    Don’t ask what I’d pick. I’m not going to say, since I love both ALOT

  4. Halo MCC and Halo5 is the reason why i have the xbox one. … among other

  5. I have Xbox 360 and I’m thinking about upgrading to next but I can’t make
    up my min, which one is really a good console?

  6. Francisco St.surin

    Xbox one is so amazing.I love the mechanism that’s built in the x1 better
    than ps4.get the X1!!!!!!!

  7. Both Xbox and ps4 are great consoles you can’t go wrong with either.. And
    for the design aspect I actually like the way the Xbox looks more than the
    ps4.. Am I the only one? lol

  8. I have a PS4 and I’m gonna get a Xbox One.. can’t go wrong with both. 🙂 

  9. If it weren’t for the Master Chief Collection, I probably wouldn’t get the
    Xbox One. 

  10. I say the xbox one is better than the ps4. YEAH I SAID IT! COME AT ME SONY

  11. I recently bought a Xbox One, I will be receiving it this Friday.
    Problem is, I want something to play on it right now instead of waiting
    until November for the Master Chief Collection or whatnot.
    Can anyone make a recommendation?
    (Btw I own a PS4 also so don’t list any multiplats like Watch Dog or
    something because I’m going to buy all multiplats on my PS4)
    So far my best option seems to be Dead Rising 3…
    But heard that this game is really bad.
    And I don’t play racing games so Forza 5 is out of the question.
    Anything else?


  12. hey ps4 fans try a xboxone i love mine and i played my freinds ps4 i
    thought the xboxone was much better

  13. Whats the game he is playing in 12:21

  14. Antivillan Xtitan

    i love the xbox one in my opinion is awesome clean and amazing my dad and
    play it all the time and its mind blowing it has great games coming out and
    i say its about time to buy one december 2014 or early 2015

  15. I Sir Laughsalot

    This console has improved so much. Most of the absent features at launch
    have been implemented.

  16. Guys don’t ever buy this Crap can’t even reach 1080p it’s slow and the
    hardware is slow too trust me PS4 is superior sold 11 Million and Xbone
    still 6 million lol

  17. I came in to the new generation being a complete sony fanboy but to be
    completely honest I’m going to get an xbox because there are way better
    games on it

  18. Both consoles are great, no doubt about that. And if you don’t have a
    current gen console, choosing between the next gen console will be a bit
    easy, because they are almost the same. The reasons to choose the console
    you buy are based on small reasons. I’m actually getting a PS4, because I
    have to have PSN Plus to play online, and still get 2 free games per month
    for my PS4 and other 2 games per month for my PS3, which for me justifies
    the PSN Plus price. But if I didn’t have a PS3, both consoles would be on
    equal foot, and then I would decide based on what my friends want to buy.
    Just stop with the console wars. Both of them are great, and you won’t
    regret getting the one you decide.

  19. i can buy either or both,i brought a xbox one and i love it.

  20. Am i the only one to think that xbox one’s design is better and more
    elegant as compared to the ps4

  21. I have a problem. I love my ps4 and i owned a 36o before that. All of my
    friends and people i know have an xbox one so im not enjoying playing my
    ps4 nearly as much. ive been thinking of switching consoles. Any thoughts?

  22. This guy can do a good review

  23. Xbox one sucks dick

  24. Can we do system link on Xbox one yet?


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