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New Xbox 360 E Unboxing

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  1. EristrikeStudios

    Too be honest, I never liked Xbox 360, because you had to pay online, and
    the member is so much more money then playstation plus. 60 doalars gold
    member ship?!! Thats why I bought PS3

  2. Hank Hill - Assistant Manager of Strickland Propane

    I don’t understand Sony and Microsoft releasing these consoles. The Xbox S
    was perfect the way it is, same thing with the PS3 Slim. The third line of
    consoles usually suck compared to their previous ones. Just another way to
    make money I guess.

  3. Does anyone think the Xbox 360 e could be the Xbox one slim

  4. BlackKnightiosGaming

    Does this come with an hdmi cable?

  5. Hi I have the xbox 360 e it runs lovely but having problems getting
    wireless head set to fit it as it only has a jack and a hdmi I brought the
    turtle beach px 42 and the adapter but still wont fit into back of xbox 360
    e any ideas please

  6. Should I get the Xbox 360 E or Xbox 360 Slim don’t have either…

  7. i have a xbox 360 slim but im gonna buy a ps4 because 360 and ps3 r gonna b
    shutdown soon because they r last gen

  8. 500GB Blue Editon Xbox 360 E Is FUCKING AMAZING

  9. Are Xbox one games playable on it

  10. Does this box contain the headset?

  11. TheGamingShredder


  12. This xbox 360 e is so fu$@&” retarded

  13. I really want to get that Xbox 360

  14. I have that Xbox is sucks 

  15. I really want to get that Xbox 360

  16. That is what i like to see about microsoft

  17. yahir reyez yepiz

    My brother have this xbox and fifa 14

  18. نادينا ستي تون

    How much is this?

  19. Hockey Reviews98

    1 thing i like about the xbox 360 is the games are better

  20. Mine gets hot after a good 20 minutes of play time.

    Is that normal?

  21. Soldier knows best name was better than mark watson

  22. I have both the E and Slim and for its simple shape, the E is a
    beautiful-looking console. Its also about 25 to 30 percent quieter than
    the Slim. 

  23. guys im thinking to buy this one can someone tell me the tempature like you
    run it for like 3 hours? and does this have the famous RROD risk to?

  24. Pretty decent vid mate I got xbox one and 360 slim 

  25. *facepalm* So he says Wii U is a failure, and a shitty,slim,useless version
    of the Xbox 360 is cool?

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