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Wii Mini Unboxing + Review – The Most Unnecessary Console Ever?

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  1. This system fucking sucks. Totally pointless.

  2. Troll4ever31 ._.

    its more a wii oldskool, no hd, no online, top loader, kinda looks like a
    ness by shape.
    its a nice pet dough.

  3. Not trying to sound rude, but it seems like you were a dick to ivory at
    some points because like you said you didn’t need it or want the Wii mini
    or like it, well she bought that for you and it just seemed like ‘Oh Hey
    sorry I don’t like this, shouldn’t have bought it’ idk thats how it seemed
    to me. But I’m probably wrong. 

  4. considering that Wii online was discontinued it is unnecessary so this is a
    cheap alternative.

  5. Who gives a shit about what is dosent have it’s perfect for my 7 yr old
    done u guys don’t like it then get a ps3 or ps4 or wack ass xbox

  6. It doesn’t have dignity 

  7. Looks like some sort of retro console tbh

  8. better to go buy a used good wii from a pawn shop for like $20!

  9. Wii mini my ass.

  10. Why does it have Opera software in the back when this shit can’t go

  11. Christopher Berry

    your a bloody hoarder 

  12. This video looks like a VHS tape.

  13. its barely even smaller!!! It’s like a 20% size increase, who gives a fuck?
    The wii was already small. Its not even much cheaper??? WTF


    ohhh my god the wii mini is so bad

  15. This system is awesome!! I have one and it rocks!

  16. I hate playing online, I watch netflix on my PS3, I have a gamecube
    already. Is that all y’all are complaining about? Fo real tho? Cuz I’m
    buying this soon. I hear Wii Original games are going obsolete and I love
    obsolete shit cuz it’s cheap as shit. 

  17. wtf nintendo is very outdated i got wii black version if mario kart and
    mario bros didnt exist i wouldnt have wii

  18. ★LuigiTheYoshi11ジ★

    Unbox the Wii Family Edition, plz.

  19. Hello there,
    Thanks for you for the review.

    I just bought one actually, and I am wondering about something; everybody
    is talking about the Gamecube games.
    But what about the controller..?

    I know that, on the contrary to the “normal” Wii, there are no ports for
    the GC controller.
    But there is still an USB port at the back. Plus, I saw some adaptators
    allowing you to plug your GC controller to an USB port – for PC though.

    I just hope this kind of adaptator could work on the Wii Mini, despite the
    PC original use…
    Does anybody have some hints..?

    Thank you in advance!

  20. No good for me, i like to play GC games on mine! :/

    Snazzy looking unit though

  21. I love this console. You suck!

  22. kristian svenkerud

    I never knew this was ever made but then again I don’t completely follow up
    on nintendo.

  23. Where does he see a w in maxell?

  24. This thing got released WAY 2 late. It should have been released along side
    the Wii so there would be a cheaper version, like the white/black wii u

  25. You can pick up slightly used wiis for $50 any day, no point in this

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