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Nintendo Wii U Review


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CSI Hard Evidence Wii

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  1. i been playing my wii for 4 years idiot

  2. I like cheese

  3. I kinda wish the Basic one was black and the Deluxe one was White “I know
    people will disagree with me but this is my honest opinion”

  4. Terance Jackson Jr

    Ps3 or Wii u help Christmas is coming!!!!!!

  5. Nikola Milicevic

    So can you play wii u gamepad without wii u actual console fired
    up?….like handheld?

  6. videogamemaniac1231

    I’m debating on getting a wii u or a ps4 the wii u improved in the past
    year and the ps4 looks has beautiful graphics but it doesn’t have a lot of
    good games I’m not counting call of duty or battlefield or watchdogs which
    console should I get?

  7. it belongs in the garbage

  8. what zombie was that

  9. Wii U+PC=Hack/Nerf

  10. To me ps4 plus vita rules

  11. Wii U = Wii Updated lol

  12. Right now its between the Wii u and ps4.

  13. i will get the zelda version 🙂 thx this for this video im going to buy
    this tomorrow, i will buy wii u for new zelda and the new super smash.. and
    the netflix :)

  14. i think i might get the black version of the wii u

  15. GOD knows best

  16. As a Nintendo fan, I feel a bit betrayed by Nintendo by their complete
    abandoning of the Wii. No more wi-fi features for games and the expiring of
    internet aps. So I’m reluctant to buy the Wii U cause I know in 6 years it
    will not only be obsolete, but probably barely useable. You know what could
    make loyal fans, and jobs? Teams maintaining these aging features.

    I also think Nintendo shot itself in the foot by abandoning good
    franchises, and taking a very narrow path with the few they continue.
    Mario, Legend of Zelda and even Kid Icarus all went the cartoonish-puzzle
    route with little work towards story. I know Mario should stick to this
    type of gaming, but I think Zelda would have been much better if Nintendo
    had learned from other fantasy games like Dragon Age and Skyrim. And of
    course I’m not saying to just do the same thing as those games. It’s just
    that when I have Zelda lore questions unanswered and all I’m doing is
    fiddling with boring or frustrating puzzles, I feel the game is weak.

    How about a new Metroid game? Or F-Zero, Mega Man, or a massive open-world
    Wii U Pokemon game, with all the Pokemon in it? I might consider the Wii U
    if there was a new Star Fox game coming out. AND if it could compete with
    modern space sci-fi games.

    In a game I look for good story, rich lore and setting, a good soundtrack
    and gameplay, and the more character customization the better (a lesson it
    looks like Pokemon is learning). What if we could customize the Great Fox
    and Arwing, and choose missions? Or create and customize a new
    character/animal to join the original Star Fox team?

  17. well done… how long you prepare so you can speak 9 mins non-stop?

  18. I relly want the wii u

  19. I think the ps vita is better because its controlls are smoother but the
    wii u is 2nd best.

  20. I have a crap ton of birthday money. Im getting a console on Saturday,
    which should I get: a Wii U or PlayStation 4? 

  21. Hey, thanks for all the info! Really needed it! :)

  22. I found mario was a great game

  23. Yusuf Abushalbak

    I’m getting a wii u for my b-day I cant wait until I get my wii u i’m so
    exited to get a wii u black edition 34 gb of intenal storage I defenitly
    cant wait


  25. I’m buy a Wii u it looks awesome

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