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Nintendo 3DS Video Review


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  1. Hello, everyone. I want to get either one of the two games: Monster Hunter
    3 Ultimate or Ocarina of Time 3DS, what do you people think? Which game
    will hook for more hours? Which game has more content? Also I’m NOT getting
    both; please reply, thank you. :)

  2. I’am 3 years too late..

  3. Well it looks like they like the Vita more! 🙂 I agree with the rating. Oh
    and they said it had fun games so yeah…. This is a good review. Oh I
    forgot one more thing this is their opinion so don’t get all like IGN SUCKS
    ummmm am always right! 

  4. How did the wii u get a better reveiw score but sold less than the ds
    someone please explain this to me I’m confused 

  5. Yes, the PS Vita may just be better… but the Nintendo 3Ds is a great
    gaming experience with its 2 screens. Nintendo cosoles just have an unique
    way to play, i,m talking about the 2 screens, the Wiimote and many more…
    I am Just saying that the PS is just the same… the same controlers,
    screens, design… nintendo is coming up with great ideas when making a new
    console… Not just the same old boring design :P

  6. PS vita 8.7

  7. I really want to get one , but is it worth my time and money? lol. 

  8. 2011… Damn.

  9. First person to message me back I’ll give them a Nintendo eShop $20 code.

  10. Does anyone think the next Nintendo handheld will be called the 4DS and be
    able to play tons of older games

  11. I got my 3ds on my birthday in 2011 and love it to this day

  12. Is a redesign coming anytime soon? The 2DS is disappointing.

  13. I have a Vita and it’s not bad but I am thinking of buying the 3DS should
    I get any suggestion if I should buy it or should k buy the XL ((do give
    suggestion I’m puzzled now))

  14. Thats why they have a 3ds bag it does not go in your pocket

  15. I got 1 from last Christmas I was geecked

  16. i hope 3ds burn and 3ds factory 

  17. So, New 3DS anyone?

  18. That Guy Named Andrew

    want longer battery life turn the brightness down and turn it on power
    saving mode it lasts about 8 and a half hours

  19. I think ill be going with a 3DS over a 2DS.

    It costs a bit extra, but I perfur to beable to protect my screen without
    buying a case for it.

  20. I remember people moaning about the design, but I felt it was gorgeous!
    Just not always big on glossy, but it was stunning and I didn’t mind the
    “cake” layers in 3 different colours. I did think they went a little bit
    too cheap on the Battery, maybe look towards maybe giving it a bit of an
    extra hour or 2 just so it’s just right and people won’t feel like it’s a
    bit low. Like all of this matters anyway, it’s the most popular and most
    successful portable console out.

  21. Buy an xl instead


  23. Can you play gba games on the 3ds?

  24. you know, the score does not care! 3DS is the best handheld console…
    specs are just specs, games are what matter.

  25. Good thing it’s cheaper now

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