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PS Vita Slim Official Review | Should you Buy!?


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  1. Do you Like Your PS Vita or Want One!?

  2. 12:38 ;P 

  3. Anyone who says this thing has no games is a fucking liar. I have two 32
    gig memory cards almost full and four 8 gig cards with various other stuff
    on them. Like the dude said, it’s got a good selection, you just have to
    look. And getting PS+ helps too.

  4. OverPoweredMC™

    Will the old vita run new games like minecraft

  5. Should I get a slim or a original? 

  6. This is just so cheap the original is better glad when I went to the store
    they were out of the ps vita slim 

  7. 03:24 ORGANIC!?
    OLED is over saturated and the temperatures are hot as fuck, I’d rather not
    burn my screen within a week thx

  8. It’s not worth it at all unless u want it for remote play for ps4, other
    than that I wouldn’t recommend its pretty boring unless u like indie games
    and Japanese games

  9. Is playstation network free on the ps vita? (sorry if it was in the video,
    i didnt watch the whole thing)

  10. The slim is way better i dont even use the fat one anymore the screen was
    led but it was a shitty led the slim kills it

  11. Imo the vita is like an iPod but more based to the games than the normal
    apps. Im thinking of getting 1

  12. Is free to play on just the slim or on both vitas 

  13. did i miss an update on the psn store? you got movies and the free to play
    section which i dont have

    maybe because i am european ^^

  14. Julian Abraham Pardo

    How much?

  15. oculus rift or this ? i want this so bad. 

  16. Easy question. No lol. Until Sony changes their ways with their portable
    system, I have no intentions of touching one. I don’t feel I should get
    something where Sony themselves are lacking support for their own products.
    Only time I will get one is when there is at least a good bunch of games of
    interest, but for now I can only think of a few. Shame the PSTV isn’t
    getting very good scores.

  17. Should I sell my old vita to get this one? What do you think is a fair
    price? I was thinking of selling mine for 200 including the vita, a 8 gig
    card, the charger, and the extended battery. 

  18. Im getting my ps vita next week, im so exited :D

  19. “Official?” According to whom?

  20. I can’t wait for the Vita to get hacked and allow us to D/L retro Emulators
    and Roms! anyone else?

  21. NaksitoGoPro MFME

    Hey Fever Im Naksito lol

  22. What is that sound at 12:39

  23. I have it my favorite games are dragon Ball z and borderlands2

  24. The uncharted bandicoot

    I have a good chance of getting the vita advertised in the us again as i am
    working with someone that works at sony and knows people that work with

  25. i wnat a fucking vita

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