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OFFICIAL: SONY PSP STREET (E1000) – Unboxing & Review [HD]

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  1. Is this better than all the psp’s made? When I play games on my original
    psp it lags like mad, would this psp stop any lag?

  2. Is this as big as the psp fat or slim like the 2000/3000. Looks pretty fat
    to me though 

  3. what is a custom firmware

  4. Sony Is stupid now their E1000 is a f**king console device no Wi-FI the
    memory stick is not at the bottom that Makes me I will not go outside with
    my psp good but my good thing I don’t have it yay!! I got PSP 1001 the US

  5. Frankee Benstead

    You can’t update it

  6. No wifi wlan i have this for 6dollars.

  7. Bunch of idiots in the comments saying the PSP 1000 and stating it as a
    fact. That’s just your opinion, but you’ve obviously never had the PSP
    3000; it is much better, or at least technically. It has 64 MBs of ram
    (while the PSP 1000 has 32), being twice as fast as the PSP 1000, and not
    just that, but it has a Microphone and it’s lighter and doesn’t have
    compatibility issues with any game.

  8. very very good !!!

  9. useless. they cant connect to tv’s

  10. I have a ds. Do you have a slot or do you bye it or what?

  11. Advantage over the ps vita are you a retard wtf the e1000 dosnt even
    compare to the vita 

  12. Psp 3000 is the best

  13. Frankee Benstead

    The PSP screen s are easy to scratch

  14. Hey ,cool rewie and unbox but,i have to many smartphones ,ipad .but i like
    Psp will be coof if ill buy it ,i mean i want to ask u if its a cool thing
    it will be cool to buy it 

  15. Frankee Benstead

    I’ve got it too its crap you can’t play multiplayer on GTA 

  16. It’d probably be a good idea to finish your sentences while speaking,

  17. Where r u from?

  18. Frankee Benstead

    Cant go on internet or connect to the tv

  19. Only1 speaker use head phones

  20. Psp e1004 is the best

  21. God i cant watch this stop talking.

  22. pcp

  23. Psp e1000..$400

  24. ComputerAndTechnologyChannel

    Where did you get the orange background for it? I can’t seem to find it on
    my PSP 2000.

  25. it’s a piece of shit with no wifi,without knowing this i actually bought
    one 🙁
    if used to get to know this before,i would have got ps vita or nintendo

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