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CGR Undertow – NINTENDO DS LITE Video Game Console Review

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  1. my 2 ds lites broke

  2. White. Looks exactly like mine

  3. I have the pink one and a purple one

  4. I honestly hated the D-Pad on the DS Lite, it just didn’t feel right to me.
    It still is a nice console, and I’m glad the 3DS is backwards compatible so
    I can play Metroid Prime Hunters.

  5. Jorge Bustamante

    I think you should know im watching this on my original macbook, just like

  6. Просто Рома

    Конец ебанутый

  7. Your ds is polar opposite to mark’s

  8. How much is it?

  9. I think that the peak of Nintendo’s design and innovation was with the
    Bronze Nintendo DSi XL; it was perfect in ever aspect. The color
    combination was eye catching, but not flashy, it had the perfect contrast
    between glossy and matte surfaces, the screens were properly sized, etc.

    All I can say is that they just aren’t what they used to be.

  10. That’s funny because I got a DS Lite when I was about 5

  11. damn sexy console

  12. Next time do it with out the music I have a headache

  13. My first hendheld

  14. never did like the ds light I got one in 2009 and I hardly ever touched it
    I mostly just played my gba sp maybe because I only had the bad games for
    ds like petz dogz and phantom hourglass and diamond / pearl

  15. The only few gripes I have with the DS lite is the dpad’s flimsiness, and
    the l and r buttons breaking down.

  16. How about a original playstation review?

  17. i like the 3ds despite not liking rpgs at all really.

  18. my mum and dad both in their 60s got themselves a DSlite for the brain
    training and puzzle games, a good system should be for all aegis

  19. check the time stamp, I think you are listening to the wrong part. 3:58

  20. Uncle QUiKSCOPEe

    The resolution of the screen would probably be too small to even emulate
    that. I’d go with an emulator for your PC if you want to play those kind of

  21. Hey, the 3DS XL comes close design wise. Especially that sexy silver one!

  22. xxXSolitaryBlueXxx

    That bit at the end of the video was touching. (‘: Ha. I bond with my
    gaming consoles and handhelds too. My DS Lite was recently stolen, so this
    video really bums me out more. I’ll get another one eventually. The DS was
    ahead of its time. Completely wacky and unconventional, in typical Nintendo

  23. Jaguar was the best.

  24. Uncle QUiKSCOPEe

    I think it has a 16-bit and a 32-bit processor. It really doesn’t matter
    though since you most likely won’t run any other programs than the games
    that are dsigned for the DS Lite.

  25. I agree. Not only the DS Lite improved the design [faults] of the original
    DS, but it did it in an uncanny way, I mean, the 3DS looks like a sandwich
    of different materials and colors. Not “clean” at all. The only thing I can
    say about the DS Lite that isn’t good is that, because of its boxy shape,
    it hurts our hands, after a long period of time. I still love it, it was my
    last Nintendo console. Still use it now and then.

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