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TFTW: Top Ten Extreme Sports Games

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  1. Dirt 3 over 2? Okay then.

  2. 2 skateboarding games on the list! Epic man.. I wish they would make a
    THPS5 and not this RIDE and HD remake crap.. And who wants a skate4! me!

  3. ☻/ BOB

  4. SSX Tricky

  5. EA Sports MMA

  6. then theres Mario Kart. boy does that ruin friendships

  7. ZombieSlayinMayhem


  8. SSX 3 was by far the best extreme sports game I’ve ever played. Sooooo much
    PS2 nostalgia with that game

  9. Am I the only one who despises gta v?

  10. Skate 3 was way more extreme then skate 2

  11. wtf…what about mario strikers?! that was awesome :)

  12. Brendan Nicholson

    Tony Hawks’ ProSkater 4 was the freaking shit!!!

  13. No super mario smash football? :P

  14. Dave Mirra freestyle bmx needed to be on this list

  15. I said it before and I’ll say it again
    Tony Hawk American Wasteland

  16. What about Dead or Alive: Extreme Beach Volleyball?

  17. GTA is not an extreme sport game And GTA is over rated

  18. No Dave mirra no ASA aggressive inline no mat Hoffman no Shaun Murray
    wakeboarding no Kelly slater no razor scooter no Downhill domination no 2
    xtreme no freestyle? None of those no credibility 

  19. 13th

  20. First

  21. Mx unleashed? and freekstyle was good also

  22. Freekstyle!

  23. The exclusion of Downhill Domination for the PS2 made me kinda sad.Knocking
    people off their bikes with clubs and water bottles was beautiful.

  24. i’m surprised you didn’t say xtreme beach volleyball because always talk
    about the boobs in it

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