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Top 5 Gaming Laptops (2014)

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2014 ASUS ROG GL551JK Gaming Laptop Intel Core i7 4710HQ (2.50GHz) Quad Core 12 GB DDR3L Memory 750GB 7200RMP HDD NVIDIA GeForce GTX 850M 2GB 15.6" 1920x1080 Windows 8.1 64-Bit 5 Hours Battery



  1. Jonathan Domenech

    I love how nobody ever comments on how the Razer Blade is ridiculously
    expensive and blatantly rips off the design of the MacBook Pro.

  2. Wait… that Lenovo Y50 is like 1500$… how is that for the casual gamer? 

  3. PS4, beats all this shit

  4. Ewwww Alienware

  5. Are these specs any good?

    Operating System
    Windows 8.1 64-bit
    CPU Brand
    CPU Core
    CPU Type
    Core i7
    CPU Speed
    4710HQ (2.5GHz)
    Smart Cache
    DMI2 5GT/s
    Turbo Boost Speed
    Up to 3.5GHz
    CPU Main Features
    Hyper-Threading Technology
    Virtualization Technology
    Intel 64
    Enhanced Intel SpeedStep Technology
    Idle States
    Thermal Monitoring Technologies
    Execute Disable Bit
    Virtualization Technology for Directed I/O (VT-d)
    AES New Instructions
    Intel Anti-Theft Technology
    Intel VT-x with Extended Page Tables (EPT)
    Intel Identity Protection Technology
    Intel Secure Key
    Total Memory
    Form Factor
    204-pin SO-DIMM
    Maximum Memory Supported
    HD Interface
    HD RPM
    7,200 RPM
    HD Capacity
    HD Configuration
    1 x 1TB
    Optical Drive
    Optical Drive Specifications
    DVDRW/CD-RW Drive
    Screen Size
    Display Type
    Full HD
    Display Finish
    Webcam Features
    Video Memory
    2GB GDDR5
    Video Connectors
    1 x HDMI
    1 x Mini DisplayPort
    GPU Type
    NVIDIA GeForce GTX 860M
    Audio System
    ROG AudioWizard

  6. I’ve decided to get the Alienware14. It’s a got 1080 display, nvida gforce
    x 765 graphics card, and 16 gigabytes of ram, and also 1 terabyte of
    memory. Is that good for hard core?? 

  7. hey dose anyone know off a gaming desktop under 800$ that can run the
    following games

    team fortress 2
    evil within

  8. Hi.. Im about to buy alienware18 with graphics processor: Dual NVIDIA
    GeForce GTX 765M with 2GB GDDR5 – SLI Enabled.. Will the GTAV runs smooth
    on it? Ultra high settings? And other hard core games??

  9. The Lenovo ideapad y510p is better than the y50!

  10. can someone educate me on computers 

  11. Im thinking on buyin a Razer blade or Alienware18 I want high perfomance
    laptop that can run any game on high settings or most of the games.

  12. Best is ASUS G750 !!

  13. I think that Razer Blade Pro is better than AlienWare 18 for the batery
    time ;)

  14. So what’s the allure of buying a gaming laptop because I’m sure the battery
    doesn’t last and the GPU is no better than an r9 270 

  15. People only bag Alienware cos they can’t afford one…
    They are the best, and yes expensive, but who cares.

  16. flamethrower4200

    Oh come on the razor blade sucks, totally copies apples laptop design, and
    overheats all the time, no seriously, My friend has one. We played on it
    for hours and it was nearly 90 degrees, and started freezing, and stuff, we
    had it in a cold room too with the AC on, it’s brand new with clean fans,
    the size of it just can’t fit the fans in to keep it cool properly, the
    alienware 14, 17, or 18 can manage the heat just fine, it gets hot but
    directs all the heat away from the user plus has a huge fan on the bottom
    and good heat sink, alienware is a fairly good laptop

  17. עידן ברכה

    Razer suck! there performance is not as good as alienware its just a thin
    laptop and laptop gamers that dont have a desktop like me need higher
    performance and yea it has the touchpad but its just not good.

  18. Can somebody please help?????
    i want a normal, not too expensive (i think of spending till 600$) gaming
    laptop, i dont usually play hardcore games, i just want a laptop that i can
    perfectly run atleast one TheSims3 game with 3 expansions, and maybe a
    minecraft account with no mods ( or maybe alteast one, like Crazy Craft),
    also that can pull together while im playing the game some music and also
    maybe internet….
    i really want a razer blade, but it is too expensive for me… or alteast i
    dont have that much money to get one, maybe some day in the future… i
    kinda was looking for an ASUS laptop, but not this one that is shown it
    this vid, because it is also costs higher that 1500$ (or in europe 1799.90€
    ( and dont say i “need to work my fat ass then i will get one”, if you want
    to say something mean, then better keep it to yourself!!!!)

  19. Is the MSI GP70 2PEi581-fd a good laptop?

  20. What gaming laptop has the best longevity is my question…

  21. william castillo

    i want to get a good gaming laptop for a good price just for elder scrolls
    online any recemendations

  22. wtf look at that Razer, total design ripoff from the Apple Macbook Pro,
    dang even the cruved in thingy under the touchpad is there..omfg Apple
    should be mad 

  23. Ive just ordered the optimus V from Pcspecialists, i7 quad core
    2.8Ghz(6mb), 2gb Nvidia GTX 860m, 12gb ram, it was £900
    Will i be able to play most games on medium or high settings with this

  24. I couldn’t decide between the Razer Blade 2014 or the MSI GS60 Ghost Pro,
    but I ended up going with the Ghost Pro because it’s a lot cheaper and you
    get way more memory. It’s only a tiny bit thicker than what Razer are
    offering and so far I love it.

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