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Is the PS4 worth it NOW or WAIT? Playstation 4 REVIEW | 6 months after release w/ Gehab

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  1. @Sanjay B Can’t reply to you for some reason.. :c But you should go with
    the console that has the exclusives you want. Or the console most of your
    friends have. 😛 

  2. +Malik Mitchell Can’t reply to you for some reason, but it totally depends
    on where you live and where you get it.

  3. This video has now reached OVER *10,000 VIEWS* and *300 LIKES!* O__O That
    is absolutely WICKED! :O Thank you SO much guys! ;D

  4. K.R.M productions.

    i couldn’t work out if you are british or american 😉 good review!

  5. this was made on ma birthday

  6. That’s loud? You heaven’t heard my NPP PC :)). Not that it’s a bad thing, i
    don’t mind the noise because it gets cancelled by the in-game sounds and i
    have headphones on and honestly it has like a bada** humm. But still, i
    find the PS4, really quiet.

  7. You sound like McLovin :D

  8. do you need playstation plus?

  9. The PS4 isn’t worth getting before Halo is available on it, which is never
    gonna happen. So don’t get a PS4 😀 JK, I would get a PS4 if I hadn’t made
    such good friends on the Xbox XD

  10. Gddr 5 is video memory…..memory from the GPU…….you don’t know much
    about parts do you? It isn’t fast, DDR 4 was just released and that is RAM
    memory, that is fast hahaha

  11. If you want to watch Porn, hentai and more then you should get it

  12. Harvey bluecyclopz

    Hi I’m getting this on my bday 24th December but I may be able to get it
    earlier but won’t get anything else on bday should I wait or get it early?

  13. Awesome video

  14. Whats the max internet speed it can handle?

  15. Good coverage!

  16. I liked the way you reviewed the ps4 in this video 

  17. Can one play P.S.3 games on the P.S.4?

  18. As someone with a PS360 and High End gaming PC, the PS4 is definitely not
    worth getting just yet. I’d wait another year until the system gets enough
    exclusives to warrant a purchase. No point in getting the system if you
    have other platforms that can do the same thing. Not to mention you gotta
    play a monthly fee to play online, when you can play the PS3 versions
    online for free.

  19. you just earned a subscriber. i have been sitting on the fence about
    getting the ps4, and this just helped me make that decision. I am going to
    get it with destiny, The Last of us remastered and maybe uff or infamous
    second son.

  20. You gave a detailed review thank you u confirmed my choice u earn like n

  21. Christopher Delcastillo

    The reason y the fan is loud is cause you put it on the fan side so your
    blocking air flow!

  22. Not Available where do u live 

  23. I’m waiting because I just got my PS3 and now I have to wait like 2 years
    or z little less for PS4 price to come down! I Dont like Xbone because of
    the exclusives I want from the PS4 like Infamous or the new Batman coming
    out! I Dont hate the Xbox One or anything. And you earned a subscriber!! 

  24. The reason for the fan speeding up is that you are blocking one of the side
    intakes and it takes it more to cool the components.

  25. Flower is great game to just chill

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