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CGR Undertow – WOLFENSTEIN: THE NEW ORDER review for PlayStation 3

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  1. Bas van der Meij

    The textures are funny on the ps3 and kinda bad.. But what surprises me is
    how much of the geometry is simular to current gen 😮 that is quite

  2. mmagymratreviews


  3. I still can’t get past no zombies or paranormal stuff. This just looks like
    Turning Point: Fall of Liberty to me.

  4. This game looks pretty good but for some reason I just don’t think it’s
    worth 60 dollars…..Return to Castle Wolfenstein is still (in my mind) the
    best Wolfensetein ever made and I’ve played them all. Spear of Destiny was
    probably my second favorite and even the one made in 2009 was REALLY good,
    but this game would have to be something truly great to rival Return to
    Castle Wolfenstein.

  5. The only thing about this game i disliked is duelwielding

  6. Im sold! Im gonna get this game. But im gonna wait for a price cut. 60 dls
    aint worth it. Maybe 30 or 20.

  7. Does Undertow have next gen yet?

  8. From the gameplay I’ve seen, it looks like they just turned Wolfenstein
    into a consolized CoD clone. Sure, it’s likely better than CoD, but that’s
    no feat. 

  9. Is that BJ blacowitz? from tides of war on xbox?

  10. Playing Wolfenstein on a console… k.

  11. dont get me wrong, the game is great but it has a shit load of glitches
    that even made it nearly impossible to get through chapter six, you should
    consider this if you want to buy this game.

  12. I was there for Castle Wolfenstein. Not just ‘3D’, but when it had no
    extensions. Wolfenstein for Apple IIe! A franchise doesn’t get much older
    then that. And, even then, when you were nothing but a war prisoner,
    escaping from a cell with little more then your hands and striped shirt
    with a goal to escape with the secret plans to the war, it was a nail
    biting, heart stopping experience. And, even back then, it was always a
    thrill to literally hear the Nazi guards grow worried about a threat
    lurking in their midst.

    Don’t know what I’m talking about? Got to be a few play throughs here on
    YouTube to see for yourself.

  13. Eva, aufwiedersehn.

  14. review shadow warriors. it does the same thing as this game on a lower

  15. I don’t know if it’s just the video or what but the playstation 3 version
    looks worst then the 360 version. Obviously things like small buttons
    levers and other background textures are blurred on the 360 but the wall
    textures and other large textures that are more noticeable seem to be a lot
    more washed out and sketchy but I don’t know for sure I’m just going off
    this video. Other then that no matter what console you have I do suggest to
    get this game as I said I have the 360 version and if you’re not a sook and
    doesn’t mind minor pop in and textures on smaller things being blurred it’s
    defiantly playable I rate this game a 10/10. Now I’m waiting for my return
    in the new glorious HD age of murdering demons on mars! 

  16. I was nearly buying this game for PS3 but than I saw this incredibly quick
    corps disappearing and I propably wait for PS4 … I hate those things

  17. This game is not pretty on ps3 but on ps4, holy shit this game is amazing.
    The graphics in everything, even facial expressions, are amazing , and it
    looks and plays great. Also, the reviewer had to be playing on easy,
    because this game is brutally challenging on Über. Do yourself a favor and
    play this game. Preferably on current gen

  18. eh, for some reason the dual wielding automatics thing turns me off, not
    sure why but 1 gun would just make it much more satisfying

  19. This game is a blast to play, very fun, great fluid controls, fast paced
    gameplay. A bit short, but worth replaying! 8/10

  20. One of the best reviews for a game I’ve ever watched. All reviews should
    have this level of depth and reasoning behind their verdict

  21. Freaking amazing review! I’ve been struggling to parlay how great this game
    is to friends… now I just have to share this link! 

  22. Why don’t you stop reviewing this shit and review Mario Kart 8 and Donkey
    Kong Tropical Freeze????

  23. This really is a must buy game. I loved it!

  24. William Graham II

    me too i will cheat 10000000000% i love cheats

  25. kinda wish BJ’s face was still the health indicator

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