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Amazon Fire TV Stick – Hands On

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  • 60 Second Setup - Use your computer to find your Wi-Fi network, live stream in under a minute.
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  • Fast and easy setup - online and securely streaming 720p HD video in 60 seconds.
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  1. doesn’t look all that great really. i was one of the few to get it for $19
    and just by this glance i’m glad i didn’t pay any more.

  2. What about its bluetooth capability?

  3. It Has Twitch? Im Buying This Thing.

  4. travelinggabriel

    What about the FireTV Sick App? any word on that?

  5. how do I open the remote’s battery compartment??

  6. Can you install xbmc 

  7. #Amazon #Fire #TVStick – Hands On: http://youtu.be/3Dl3xoCKdVM

  8. sweetness and light

    Nice bloke, good description, but why the inane dribble of ‘music’ in the
    background? Irritating and pointless when you do indeed have something to
    say, and do so with competence. It would be bad enough if it were a
    pleasant sound, but it is not unlike a pestering midge or mosquito.

  9. Your username is offensive bro

  10. Got it for 19. Really neat especially if you add ap that allows you to
    stream from iPhone. 

  11. How does the audio quality compare on this when put beside say the Roku 3? 

  12. There doesn’t seem to be ANY WAY to use this without an Amazon account ??

  13. I laughed wayyyy too hard when I saw the Blockbuster button.

  14. If anyone want to buy this I have a one time code expired 03/15/16. $15 off
    fire tv first person use it’s gone. Promotional Code(AUFH-CZ2M77-S9EY8Z)

  15. ONLY thing i want to know is PEER TO PEER (Miracast/WiFiDirect) streaming
    quality (1080p movies) of this device with a standard kitkat phone.

  16. I’m really at war with myself playstation tv or this.

  17. Do I have to pay for Amazon prime to use this. I’m only wanting it for the
    netflix capabilities. Or is there a better option if I’m only interested in
    the Netflix portion of the product. But has to be simple like a dongle. I
    don’t have a smart tv

  18. 4th

  19. I thought the fire tv stick device had the ability to mirror compatible
    Tablets to the Tv is this true or a hokes?

  20. Ok review! You forgot to cover how to type to search for videos; whether
    its scroll to letters which becomes very tedious and thus giving Chromecast
    an advantage as you can search quickly on your phone. You also forgot to
    cover the ease of screen casting from your phone. 

  21. How does it get its connection? Is it run off of WiFi?

  22. 5th

  23. got it” take a sharp knife and pry at the seam

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