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Xbox One vs PS4: The Ultimate Comparison (Review)

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  1. Jonathan Morrison

    Our in-depth look at the new Xbox One vs PS4, covering graphics, games,
    controllers, exclusives and more! Feel free to +1/Share if you enjoyed! 

  2. George Washington

    I bought the Xbox One (no hate PS4, thanks) and the graphics of my TV makes
    it look not to good as it should be. I have an full HD, 1080p, TV but the
    graphics aren’t shown well. I bought Forza Horizon 2 and on videos it looks
    amazing but shown on my TV it’s not as good.

    Anyone tips for a good “gaming” TV? Or just a good TV that shows the next
    gen graphics as it should be? (at an affordable price ^^)

  3. The PC will always be the mother of all consoles the quicker you console
    boys accept that PC is far more superior in every way the better.

  4. Xbox One: 720p
    Ps4: 1080p 60FPS

  5. Help im a pc gamer but want a console for me and my girlfriend. I own a
    xbox 360 and prefer it over the PS3 but watching lots of reviews the PS4
    seems to be better then the Xbox one. I never owned a playstation since the
    first one. Should I get a PS4 or Xbox one the only thing I dont like about
    playstation is the controller.
    What shall I get? Xbox One Or PS4

  6. I’m buying a next gen console soon and need some advice. So which is
    better, X1 or PS4?

  7. Divine PC Master Race.Bow to your God, filthy console peasants.

    Console peasants,bow before the master race.We laugh at you as we max out
    our games at 1920×1080 Ultra with a buttery 60fps..PC makes your graphics
    look like a psp game.. Your pitiful unstable 30fps and medium graphics are
    not worthy of my time…My gfx card is more powerful than 3 ps4’s, how

  8. Idk I want the ps4 but the Xbox one seems cool I still don’t know what to
    get even though he kinda outlined everything …

  9. TheNerfSquad1000

    Hey guys,i already have a ps4 and i want to buy another next gen console. I
    dont know weather i should buy a XB1 or Wii U.
    Please help

  10. guys, what console should I get
    PS4 or X1

    I like to play shooters and racers


    and I am leaning towards xbox because I was always a big halo fan

  11. Xbox one is better

  12. Xbox is a true upgrade/change from the 360 and the Playstation is a PS3
    with better graphics and a slightly better controller when you strip
    everything down. 

  13. Mega Penguin Games!

    PS4 vs Xbox One… PS4 wins.
    its like PS4 is Superman and Xbox one is Batman. Superman wins!

  14. I’m got a PS4 what games should I get for Christmas? I ALREADY have GTA V,
    MLB 14, NBA 2k15, Call of Duty Advance Warfare, and Watch Dogs. I want 3
    games please suggest some.

  15. Xbox One is the master race. You PS4 fags would know nothing about true
    quality. #xboxonemasterrace 

  16. Am I the only one too distracted by his hair to actually pay attention?
    Like that hairline is a mile away from where a normal one starts… 

  17. Out of curiosity, why do people hate the Xbox one? Why do people say it
    sucks so much? And most importantly, why do people say they’d rather die in
    a fire for 3 weeks painfully and slowly than live in the same reality and
    universe as the Xbox one? Is it really that bad that people would die first
    than even look at one or even think about it, or even hear the word?


  19. Ps4: don’t have to buy batteries, don’t have to install every game you buy,
    ps4 looks cool, xbox one controller is uncomfortably big, ps4 graphics are
    better, xbox one costs more, you can use multiple hard drives on ps4, with
    playstation plus you can get free games free dlc and play online, xbox one
    is heavier, ps4 has awesome exclusive games, ps4 is quicker, you can record
    gameplay by pressing one button and it’s easier to use and not so

  20. First of all Xbox was the first console that came up with online, second
    Xbox came up with paying for online, third Xbox had the idea of plugging
    your headset to controller ps4 copy that, fourth fuck ps4 they r like COD
    they copy stuffs and Xbox is like HALO legit fuck ps4 Xbox 4 life

  21. i got both and honestly i only bought the xbox one to play forza horizon 2
    other than that all my other games are on ps4 so in my opinion the ps4 win
    by miiiilees also the xbox one controller suck.

  22. ok just im finally admitting it.cough cough..deep breath..ok, xbox one is
    slightly better than playstation 2.

  23. I’ve always been am Xbox fan and player, and never really liked ps3. So it
    would be hard to get a ps4 after not liking it for so long. What do I get ?

  24. I don’t see why people are fighting over Fucking GAMES! “PC master race?”
    seriously? Just because you play on a PC doesn’t make you more superior
    than anyone Barack Obama or David Cameron etc could easily make PC’s or
    Console’s illegal so don’t get Cocky! DO I MAKE MYSELF CLEAR!?!

  25. NOW
    without hate i want to know whh everyone thinks the ps4 is better
    I don’t understand
    It doesn’t have the best graphics/framrates (Pc)
    It doesn’t have the best online services (Xbox/Pc)
    It doesn’t have the best deals (steam)
    It doesn’t have the best exclusives this year (okay maybe TLOUR but that
    was last gen)
    What makes it better than everything else?

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