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Chilla Frilla – Xbox 360 Slim Unboxing and Review

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  1. i think i knew that is there are two gamepads in the xbox 360 ; a wired ,
    and a un wired

  2. Dude pay me the amount for the xbox360!!

  3. probably

  4. is he American?

  5. I keep getting pop-in in my games idk if it’s cuz of hardware or something
    to do with my hard drive, someone please help!

  6. Jeanmarc Mcleish

    Your stupid video crashed my ipad 

  7. where are you gone? 🙁 we miss you

  8. anyone can help me witch one will i buy gta 5 or call of duty?

  9. guys can u help me im not sure weather o buy a 360 or not

  10. Stacyann Serapio

    Can you do a what is on my iPhone show 🙂 :?

  11. give me the olld version

  12. Xbox 360 sucks I already have Xbox one. And I love it!

  13. Stacyann Serapio

    Can you do what on my iPhone show :-)

  14. TheSlimChainz 15

    getting a xbox 360 Friday or Saturday :))))))

  15. Gta 5 

  16. I’m planning to buy a xbox 360 and xbox games Minecraft and PVZ garden
    warfare and the Orange box how much it all costs

  17. I bought a slim 250 gb with 2games+2controllers+1month gold and the headset
    for a beautiful 199euros in the beginning of july .

  18. Gg hi

  19. The older one was a ps3

  20. Best looking console ever

  21. Good review with a good console :D

  22. the xbox 360 slim have a 3d anf blu ray component ´ please respond

  23. Vectrex

  24. The 8g one

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