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PlayStation 4 Pro Review

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OBVIS Playstation 4 Charger Kit, Dual USB Charging Charger Docking Station Stand for Playstation 4 PS4 Controller

  • Model design of PS4 Dual Charger that charges up to TWO PS4 controllers
  • PS4 Charging Station takes power via USB cable either from your PS4 or other USB power source
  • PS4 Charger station comes with independent charging status indicator to show charging status for each controller
  • Controllers could be fully charged within 4 hours
  • Designed for PS4, compatible with PS4, PS4 slim & PS4 Pro controllers
The PS4 charger is designed for PS4 wireless controllers. You can simply drop your controllers on the Playstation 4 Charging Dock for charging after connecting the PS4 Dual Charger to USB port of PC or Playstation 4. You can connect the charger to your laptop, TV or any USB port available from your home theatre system. This PS4 Dual Controller Charger is stylish, lightweight and user friendly. It looks pretty cool wherever you place it in living room or sleeping room. The featuring built in LED

Price: $ 9.90

PS4 Pro/PS4 Slim Vertical Stand, Transparent Stand Mount for Sony Playstation 4 Pro/Slim Console (TP4-825)

  • It is in common used for Sony Playstation 4 Pro / Slim console , Specially designed and bigger appearance Stand for your Sony PS4 Slim/ Pro console , securely in its upright vertical position.
  • Save space and mount your PS4 Slim/Pro more securely with this vertical stand,your PS4 Slim/Pro will stay securely upright and rooted to the spot.
  • Simple in appearance and stylish in design, 0.2kg and very convenien.t to use.
  • Just simply put your console on it , the space on the bottom of the product can protect the cooling of your console.
  • Super steady construction to prevent tipping,enough to keep your console safe from tipping over.

We don't care about the Cost of manufacture , we stick to make a progress in your valuable suggestion,any problem please connecting me , if you are satisfied with it when you receive , please help me leave 5 stars review and feeback , let more your friends know this economic powerful stand.
Materials :★★★★★
Design :★★★★★

Thanks for your support , this is the DOBE brand owner , the product is fullful by Amazon , support for 100% MONEY BACK GUARANT

List Price: $ 14.99 Price: $ 14.99


  1. my question:does it play ps4 games

  2. simply trade in your ps4 for the pro, what i did and i love it.

  3. PS4 pro can't stand against neither Xbox one s and Xbox scorpio

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  5. Teenage Gamer 754

    This version looks ugly as f! I mean look at it! it looks like the slim the difference is that it has an extra layer and it looks a bit more bigger in terms of design of course I know thats not important but still it looks weird

  6. Jackalack313 M

    this will look nice alongside my pc.

  7. boost mode! the mode only for ps pro

  8. I'm so sorry this is a dumb question but does the ps4 pro require certain disk? or can you use normal ps4 game on the ps4 pro

  9. it adds 1 more usb slot woot

  10. So its basically not worth the extra money unless you have a good tv or monitor.

  11. alejandra gurrusquieta


  12. but yet the only thing that's holding back on the ps4 pro is the 4k blue ray support

  13. Does it work on any tv

  14. Xbox One S= PS4 Pro
    yeah, few players has a 4k TV
    And One S can handle up to 2TB

  15. Arct1c Gravity

    But can it play knack? Eh?!

  16. Should I buy it now that there is boost mode?

  17. Hawkeye11 SSDD

    so basically ps4 pro is a good system but games aren't developed for that style of display. remember when consoles held back games. now games are holding back consoles.

  18. To me its a worthless upgrade im fine with the normal one

  19. soooooooo you can't play ps4 games with disk?

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