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Playstation 4 Review + Setup (PS4)

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TNP PS4 Gaming Racing Steering Wheel - Gamepad Joypad Grip Controller for Sony Playstation 4 PS4 Black [Playstation 4]

  • Specially designed for PS4 game to enhance racing experience
  • Made of EVA, compact,light-weight and durable, easy to hold in hand
  • Comes with a detachable cover to protect the back of PS4 controller
  • Best attachment for gaming lovers
  • Compatible with: Sony Playstation 4 PS4 ONLY
Designed for PS4 game to enhance racing experience
Specification:Color: BlackMaterial: EVACompatible with: Sony Playstation 4 PS4 ONLYThe PS4 controller showed in the picture is not included.Package Content:1x Steering Racing Wheel for Sony PS4

List Price: $ 9.99 Price: $ 9.99


  1. I like Xbox but not the Xbox one its too complicated. But PS4 is Nice! Hell Ya!

  2. android gamesJ7tech fun

    hey it requires internet to run???.Please tell iam going to buy it if it requires internet then i can't buy it

  3. #XBOXISPOOOP         re comment if u agree

  4. xbox

  5. ps4 is all was best and super👍👌

  6. Nice video

  7. luv it and better than ps4 slim and xbox 1

  8. I am getting one for my b day in 2017


    how to go on hdmi on screen what button on the remote of the tv will I press

  10. How do you hook up a ps4 this is just a review dickhead

  11. wish i had one

  12. kidgaming018 XD

    today I'm buying a ps4

  13. BrothaRobMusic

    dope review!!

  14. Your girlfriend looked so uninterested lol

  15. I got a ps4 slim

  16. jjj

  17. don't compare Xbox with ps4 ..Xbox is 100 better than ps4. trust me.

  18. Ananda adrianto


  19. one of the best video i have ever seen

  20. Ahmed Tha King

    I refuse to believe that everything about the ps4 is sex, silk and sugar. How a about relevant stuff, overheating, game selection, game prices, performance, online stuff? This isnt really a review..

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