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PS3 Super Slim Unboxing

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  1. dont think that was a eithernet cable. it looked like a usb to me https://youtu.be/nwOsZbZYZTE?t=43s

  2. Arcaderof Sweden

    well i got 1000 mb version of this console.

  3. onur yıldırım


  4. Daniel Archibald

    I own a super slim, I think its the best model. Even though it comes with the composite cable. Theres no harm in getting a HDMI cable from Poundland if you haven't got one at hand, they work rather well. The only time mine was quite loud was when I started GTA V for the first time on it. After that, its been quiet as a whisper. Avoid the 12gb model, Get the 500gb model.

  5. Leonelakd T Bielli

    Play 3 no existe

  6. Preston Pierce

    I don't under stand why people care so much about how loud the console iI.

  7. They sound so boring. I guess its a uk thing

  8. i want to ask a question.can i use a usb flash drive and use a dcd or cd both for playing games?

  9. Ibrahim Mehiri

    i have ps2

  10. Jose Sepulveda

    Will my original ps3 controllers work with the ps3 ultra slim?

  11. Can someone tell me if its still worth it to buy PS3 SuperSlim?

  12. Dishonored has has litterly become a dishonored compared to the first one

  13. I'm the first in Denmark to get one

  14. I have the glossy PS3 because I get free online and I have a PS4

  15. hey so I know this is really old but I'm wondering if someone could help me. I got a used ps3, am I supposed to be able to press the center circular button part of the disc tray to eject the disc? or do I just have to pry the disc out from the disc socket. by the circular button I mean the tiny black circle that you put the disc over and it goes thru the center hole of the disc.

  16. Would it be worth/smart buying it now? In terms of support for it, system updates, games etc. I'm a PS n00b obviously so any piece of advice is welcome and appreciated.

  17. eu tenho o super slim 250gb e ele esquenta muito na parte onde saí a ventilaçao em apenas uns 5 minutos…isso é normal???

  18. how are ign videos so consistently awful?

  19. the ps3 super slim is cheaply made

  20. TheGamerPro and Code 3 videos

    my is new

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