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PS4 Slim Review

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PS4 Micro USB Cable, 9ft/2.7M High Speed Playstation 4 USB Charging Cables, Metal Male For Android games tablet computer MP3 player and more devices

  • UPGRADED RECENTLY: Please ignore most of the negative reviews. They are no longer relavent to this upgraded PS4/Xbox one charge cable. Upgraded in August 2016 we have fixed all the problem mentioned in some old reviews. We have significantly improved the quality of this cable based on our customer feedback. It is now much stronger and offers a good fit to most devices. This cable is specifically designed for PS4, Xbox One controllers and any other Android devices with a Micro USB port
  • EXTRA LONG: This PS4/Xbox one controller charging cable allows simultaneous Play & Charge of your controller from the comfort of your couch. You can sit back and enjoy non-stop play of your favorite games without worrying about running out of battery
  • BRAIDED: Braided cable provides great durability and flexibility. It resists tangles and kinks and feels more comfortable than a PVC cable
  • Built-in LED charging indicator:you can see it charge or not
  • Excellent Service:1 Year Warranty,100% Risk-free
Important Note
It has come to our attention that some of our competitors are trying to stop you from buying this popular cable because it has become a hot selling product. They have deliberately manipulated the review ranking by bumping up all the old and non-relevant negative reviews to the top. Actually all those negative reviews are related to the old version, We have fixed all the issues reported in the current version. So buy with confidence!

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  1. my PS4 is now 3 months old and I'm liking it.

  2. If you don't got a Ps4 already… get da Ps4 Slim… it's my favorite model

  3. Ethan Gillespie

    Considering switching from xbx1 to ps4, is it worth it?

  4. Capgang channel

    this is only worth buying if you have not yet baught a ps4. And if you are not planning on buying a ps4 pro

  5. Galin Plamenov

    if i dont have a ps4 should i get the slim version or save up for the original? cus where i live they are cheaper than the original ps4.

  6. so just plug your headphones on your tv? or am i missing something here?

  7. so just plug your headphones on your tv? or am i missing something here?

  8. PS4 Pro is useless just stick with your PC if you want ultra graphics and all that shit
    Now PS4 Slim that is an improvement over the original PS4

  9. Victor Rosario

    Please do I get a ps4 or ps4 slim

  10. Since my PS4 is the 1200 matte model, pretty much no difference.

  11. DarkOfDaimon d

    WTF classic gets 8.2/10, rily IGN?!?!??!

  12. roses are dead

    idk what u people are saying i think it looks way better than the original ps4

  13. I recently went to Gamestop to purchase a PS4, they brought one out from the back and I was wondering when it was setup, how come it didn't look like my friends consoles. I put it down to a newer model. But I looked up this video 'cause I still wasn't sure and it turns out, I have a PS4 slim even though I did not ask for one.

  14. I'll be getting this shortly

  15. you can always get a audio converter. so it's can go from headphone jack to optical jack

  16. Optical out/SPDIF is kinda becoming obsolete as you can hook it up via the HDMI port to your AV system or soundbar or TV set directly, jus sayin

  17. Mark Henderson

    Man the controller update idea seems familiar like I've seen it before, like on the Xbox One.

  18. should I get this since I dont have the money for the pro? and don't have a 4k tv

  19. Brother i Want to buy a ps4 slim but i heard that there is some heating issue so i am little bit confused So what should i do go for a old ps4 or new ps4 slim .

  20. still bought it. 😀

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