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PlayStation 4 Pro Review

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  1. what about framerate?

  2. i don't have a ps4…but planning to buy one…the thing is i don't have a 4k TV so should but this pro one or the standard one?

  3. fucking sony did you hate the blue ray disk?

  4. Brendan Griffith

    should I get a ps4 pro or wait for the Xbox Scorpio

  5. Please help me out: I'm dropping my piece of shit CrapBox and switching to Ps4, however I'm not sure if I should go regular, slim or pro. I should also mention I do not own a 4k tv.

  6. Battlefield1 Hype

    I love my xbox one but I'm thinking of buying the pro. What do you guys think?

  7. Abdulrahman Awad

    I made the upgrade and I can't see any difference with my naked eye

    I have a 2016 oled LG UHDTV with 4k and hdr and the picture is the same of my old ps4
    i tried uncharted 4 and titanfall 2 and dishonred they all look the same on base ps4 and the pro

    waste of money

  8. I bought ps4 pro not even a month a go and I have to send it to get repaired I don't want a repaired ps4 pro I want it replaced Sony customer support is crappy I don't think that a month old PlayStation should be repaired it should just be replaced because it's barely a month old

  9. so in lamin terms is it worth buying

  10. Can I have a free ps4 pro?

  11. kamotekamutmot kamutmot

    ps4 slim or ps4 pro the problems is the exclusive games may sony make a exclusive for pro only?

  12. Simmsy_Cupcake

    Yay I got this for Christmas!

  13. Quinten knutson

    this the xbox one s better or the pro

  14. Enjoy 30fps

  15. The original ps4 was already outdated with its lack of 4k. Now they release a new console that 'sort of' play 4k. I bet In 2 years another ps4 will come out that actually plays proper 4k. lacks forward thinking.

  16. Haven`t paid you guys a visit since………….WOW, OMG 2009!!! You guys ROCK! Sorry for the "Oh Man Where Did Paulie Go?" Anywho, He`s Back! Thanks guys for the GREAT work (I used to follow you on the WWW.) So I am a You Tube Subscriber now and I juust want to say thanks and HAPPY HOLIDAYS to ALL You Guys and Your Loved ones.

  17. Mijo Barišić

    Hey guys, please, I need help from you. I am gonna buy a PS4 Pro this Christmas, but I wonder if I'll be having problems with the resolution while playing on a 24 inch HD monitor that has an HDMI port. For example, bad resolution or anything like that? I am using 24 inch monitor with an HDMI port, I plan on using PS4 on it. Is everything gonna be okay with the resolution? Please someone with that kind of knowledge, answer, I would appreciate it a lot!

  18. I don't have a PS4 I'm getting one soon so I should just get the pro since all games will me working on it anyway right? Guys? Help please?

  19. Games coming out are apparently running better on the Pro, so I'll be upgrading

  20. Just bought a 4K curved quantum tv, I'm really thinking about the PS4 pro now… 🤔🤔🤔

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