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NEW PS3 Super Slim Review HD

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  1. such a bad review. i dont get it

  2. jack skywalker

    Dude you sound like all the life was sucked out of you, and furthermore get better with audio mixing the music you have playing is way too loud I can barely hear what you're saying I mean upon asking for summer blockbuster editing I don't expect you to have the latest version of Final Cut either but even Windows Movie Maker you can manage the audio


    is it worth it buy in 2017?

  4. so dull and useless unboxing so far

  5. @flytech hey so I know this is really old but I got a used ps3, am I supposed to be able to press the center circular button part of the disc tray to eject the disc? or do I just have to pry the disc out from the disc socket. by the circular button I mean the tiny black circle that you put the disc over and it goes thru the center hole of the disc.

  6. CyborgEntertainment II Studios

    Xbox 360 vs PS3:
    Which console do you vote for?

  7. I just got ps3 pre own other day it was red one. I dont why they didnt put red on the box. I exchanged it today becouse I dont want red one. I find it about same size of ps2 flat

  8. Hawkeye Pierce

    It reminds me a lot of the original PS2 and PS2 slim in terms of the disc tray design.

    The only complaint I have ever had with PS3 was the removal of full backward compatibility from the original launch model. The original 60 GB PS3 is the best in that aspect. Sadly though due to the PS3 CPU being clocked at 3.2 GHz the original PS3 models were also prone to over heating due to an inadequate cooling system. It wasn't until the release of the first slim models in Sep. of 2009 that the cooling system had finally been addressed.

    I refuse to support pay to play so I might consider buying a brand new PS3 Super Slim for online play in COD Classic or COD WAW even though my current PS3 slim from 2009 still works perfectly fine. Which every year or 2 I maintain by blowing all the dust and dog hair out of it with a can of compressed air. I've got a lot invested in PS3. Back in 2014 I designed an anti-cheat system called PunkBuster for COD WAW on PS3 which I based off the original PunkBuster that had been used in PC versions of COD1UO and COD2.

    It's nice being able to host servers on COD WAW and play without hackerscheaters.

  9. Jaheim Williams


  10. Noah Farrington

    I got my 12gb yesterday because my fat ps3 overheated in 2days


  12. thank-you

  13. OMGoodness its a review show some enthusiasm jesus

  14. imagine you bought a 200 dollars ps3 and you find the box empty LOL XD

  15. how much u buy?

  16. i have to say that the super slim is way better than the original because it's less likely to over heat

  17. Joshua Michael

    i got my super slim ps3 for the regular place, it comes with 3 games and has 500gb

  18. waht new buy ps3

  19. This is so far back! We have the PS7 now!

    Date: 24 December 2034

  20. I have one like your mine is12 gbgo

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