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Xbox One S Review

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  1. Jonathan Hernandez

    Should I get this or wait for next year ?

  2. I sold my PS4 for the Xbox one s

  3. Handsome Sandwich231

    "Doesn't have the letter S on it." IGN -1/10

  4. I don't really care what console I have I have moved from ps4 to xbox one s and I like it you basically are playing the same game(except exclusives) mostly the same resolution with a different controller

  5. Honestly it should be a 8.3 by the way that the guy speaks he dosent fond Highly of the console

  6. The Xbox One S is the first console hardware from Microsoft that actually looks slick and not like an ugly oversized VCR mutation. Seriously, I replaced my old Xbox One with the S just because of the form factor. Also the S at least has a decently sized power brick; and I'm glad to hear that at least with the Scorpio Microsoft finally – FINALLY – manages to get rid of an eternal power brick entirely. Took them long enough, for a company with such near infinite resources…

  7. Hero_28 Gaming

    PS4 …XBOS …….i own both, i am at peace

  8. Wow, an 8.5. PlayStation got an 8.4 at launch and has games.

  9. demonpride1975

    i thought the part where he said, i didn't notice any difference on a 1080p screen, of course you are not going to notice any difference, if the video you are playing is designed for 4k, it will simply play in 1080p, so you won't notice the 4k aspects.

  10. Everything Tech

    Thinking to buy a Xbox one s because I don't have a 4K tv ,and Scorpio is all about 4K and I like halo forza gear of war

  11. lol i got a ad that said

    ΅Xbox one s now $50 less"

  12. Michael Hodges

    I seen video bout free Xbox one can I get one please

  13. I bought an xbox one slim because I'm used to the controller and I can put it vertically without a problem on my setup. Sony makes great console too (the ps vita its a terrific handheld) but for my main games I prefer xbox

  14. basicly, if you want to waste your money, get an Xbox s

  15. Brenton Torrens

    Also what annoyed me was you have to have internet to download an update FIRST thing before even playing! I don`t have an internet plan so that costed me $30 just to download the update.. But it is an awesome console no doubt 🙂

  16. Axel Alexzander

    Meh, no reason to get this IMO unless you're a picture quality netlflix junky or unless you don't yet own an Xbox one at all. Nice machine, but not much of an upgrade over the original.

  17. Ps4 pro is better

  18. Miguel Vazquez

    dose it over heat fast

  19. I am looking to buy a console, PlayStation 4, xbox one or one s?

  20. my xbox one died on me this week so i bought the s

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