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Amazon Fire TV 2nd Gen Review: My Favorite Media Streaming Device?

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Mini Wireless Keyboard / Air Remote Control / Mouse / Touchpad with Colorful Backlit, 2.4GHz connection, Best For Android TV Box, HTPC, IPTV, PC, Raspberry pi 3,Pad and More Devices.

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  • Compatible Device: PC, Pad, Android Smart TV Box (MXQ pro T95m M8s gbox m9c etc), Xbox 360, PS3, HTPC/IPTV, Smart Phone (OTG), Notebook etc.
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  1. is it possible to chromecast to as well?

    also, what screensaver/Dreamscene does it have?

  2. Can I watch Pornhub on it? If so, then very interested….if not, back to the Playboys and Jergens, never let's ya' down! Cheers

  3. Does it play all the cable tv stations like Fox News etc.

  4. Excellent review.

    I especially like the fact that you've been very practical in your assessment and it's all real world. I usually use things like NUCs and mini PCs for my home TV and living room, as I'm used to using Windows and Mac for my music/video production work. Although PC type devices are great, because they're powerful and ultimately flexible, I've been wanting to over simplify what's in my living room. So I've started looking into media boxes, not least because I don't have to worry about crashing a proper desktop OS when switching off my living room system at the power outlet on the wall. Which lead me to the so called 'Android TV' boxes.

    I say 'so called', as they're just generic mass produced hardware with a variant of traditional Android phone OS on them. I've tested a few now and even flashed a couple as pure Kodi boxes via LibreELEC, so they're not running under the weight of Android. But if I've got to be really honest, they are quite unstable and many apps won't work correctly as they're phone touch screen apps that don't translate well to physical controllers. Plus, they're not proper Google Android TV anyway, just a play on words.

    Probably like yourself initially, I've been very dismissive of the Amazon range. Thinking it's just one big Amazon advert and that the hardware probably isn't that good. But as you've proven, the platform is very reliable, very easy to use and with a massive selection of none Amazon apps. And while not being completely Google Android TV, it looks to be the best variant, which understandably Amazon centric.

    I've looked at a number of videos now, yours being the last one that's the final proof I need. I'm gonna get one. It's all well and good being geeky and having Cape Canaveral in your living room, but it's not very practical and isn't good for others who don't understand technology so well. Explaining to none geeky friends and relatives how to use the thing attached to the TV, isn't really what it's all about, and as you've pointed out, something in the living room should be fun and easy to use and something that everyone should be able to use. I'm totally sold 🙂

    Sorry for the ramble, it's just great to finally get the right advice. And like I said, excellent review and nice production with very clear dialogue. Thanks.

  5. dont use plex……

  6. frankisback774

    plus you can sideload kodi on it.

  7. frankisback774

    what I notice hulu app on the fire tv supports hd and hulu app on other cheap Chinese android tv boxes do not support hulu hd app,because it emulates mobile android device version.

  8. Kārlis Gustavs Ārītis

    You could even use it as a desktop(at least I could, the only thing I'd miss would be x86 virtual machines)

  9. Fratm's Linux Channel

    Looks pretty cool, does it also support google play movies?

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