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New Amazon Fire TV (2015) Review!!

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which turn game



  1. Isn't the Amazon Fire TV significantly faster than the Apple or Roku or the Fire Stick? Perhaps just the latest version…

  2. Isabella Sanchez

    Would this work on older tv models? Like not on the major brands of tvs

  3. Thinking of buying this to my Father(Not a fan of High Tech stuffs) will this work on none Internet TV/4k TV? Thanks!

  4. Would be nice if you did an update video as Amazon have just rolled out a major update for Fire TV. It's supposed to be much improved.

  5. thank you so much

  6. Orochi Mishima

    Is this good for someone who isn't planing to spend money on the apps and services on the device? I mean is there any enjoyable free stuff like movies and TV series ?

  7. Stephen Phillips

    Where can I find live tv subscriptions?

  8. Son of a bitch! I just ordered this yesterday and I am seeing this today .Hope I won't be too disappointed with it and have to return it. Great video.

  9. Correction @ 4:04 – 15 Megabit connection – Not "Megabyte". There is a huge difference.

  10. did you get the 4k working??

  11. Thanks for the review. Can the Plex app play 4K content from a local Plex server?

  12. NBAhighlightreel

    What kind of TV do you have?

  13. I will stay with Roku 4.

    There is only one amazon device worth buying and that is their ereader, I avoid all the others.

  14. I concur with your review Amazon Fire TV is quiet limited with it services.

  15. I'm mainly getting the fire tv for PlayStation Vue. I'll be cutting the cord this summer.

  16. Nicholas Shivprasad

    will it work in the caribbean??
    and is there any monthly payments

  17. can u install minecraft?

  18. Hello

    Which Fire TV is better? The original Fire TV or the Fire TV Stick?

    Also which one is better? Fire TV, Apple TV, Roku or Android TV?

  19. Ayama Prantenna


  20. Jason Trambley

    You mention in the review that the Fire Stick may be a good option if 4K and Gaming aren't the priority. Can you post a review of the Fire TV stick, does it also have Alexa Compatibility?

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