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Xbox One review

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  1. guys we are all missing the point it doesnt matter how the console looks like it matters bout the games and every thing bout the xbox one. atleast from my point cuz i dont have one nor do i have a ps4

  2. ToxicGaming030


  3. I love xbox

  4. Just take a big box put a x on it then go buy a ps4 or pc

  5. I came here thinking that this would be a better top box, gaming device and media player than the PS4… But after this, I feel like I should just get a micro ATX PC or something similar instead…

  6. Danthony Thomas

    I hate when people say Xbox one and ps4 look alike, idk wtf you looking at .

  7. It would have been nice if you would have spent some time on the damn PC experience which you did next to nothing on it. Who cares about the TV I want my PC and Windows 7/10 integration. I want to know how this Xbox ONE is going to benefit by running apps besides just the DLNA stuff. What I n s  statement  made "LIKE A COMPUTER", what e you king out? How's that? Aside from the cheap media links.

  8. 1:32 i hate when people say forTza… its forza

  9. Rebecca O'Neill

    Xbox one is good,but it does feel like a gaming computer

  10. Josafat Guerrero

    Typical Verge: "the astonishing powerful and accurate device [kinect]…" 30 seconds later "…3 or 4 tries to … recognize commands and didn't always get them right either"

  11. terrible voice of narrator.Disgusting use of  stereotypical 'american' words here and there. No wonder why British reviewers get more views.



  13. its bob
    [                        ————— And His Ugly Tank

  14. Been following for away really like your work check out our gaming channel would love the support keep up the work!

  15. The McFortress

    well its called an xBOX so obviously its going to be a box

  16. so jack of all trades master of none?

  17. The best thing anyone can do is wait. Sony and Microsoft still have bugs with their consoles and the best thing is to wait out the storm because like the reviewer said it may take 2, 3, or even 4 years till the problems are fixed. I will get both consoles but I am not willing to go through the pain in the butt bugs on theses consoles.

  18. I would buy the XBOX ONE since it has better games and better multilayer service.

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