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Xbox One S review

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Super Mario 3D Land

  • Mario can perform a rolling somersault attack or run fast with a dash move. Or, as Tanooki Mario, he can use his tail to hover, perform floating jumps or attacks.
  • New enemies include Goombas with tails, tall stacks of Goombas and a Piranha Plant that spits ink to obscure a players view.
  • New and familiar abilities add unique game-play strategies to the adventure
  • 3D visuals make it easier for players to judge the depths and distances in their environments. Players can more accurately judge the jump to the next platform or how far Mario is from a question block.
  • The Circle Pad gives players complete control to confidently move Mario through fun and challenging environments.
Past Mario games have let the blue-suspendered hero roam around fully rendered 3D landscapes. Now, for the first time, players can see true depth of their environment without the need for special glasses. Super Mario is a 3D evolution of classic Mario platforming featuring new level designs and challenges.

Price: $ 4.89


  1. Which and what tv is that!😶

  2. Sahand Mohajer

    what brand is his watch??

  3. should we have 4k tv compulsorily

  4. can someone please buy me an Xbox one s please? reply for info

  5. Does hdr work on any xbox one game on the s? And if ur tv only supports 1080p can u still play those games? Or does it have to be HDR compatible

  6. Emmanuel Colon Pineda

    They couldn't even have a kinetic to play my favorite game Just Dance.And can we play games from the old XBox like 360 and one?

  7. Ok so I have a PS4 and I'm looking into getting an Xbox one idk if I should get the Xbox one, one s or wait until Scorpio. Pls help me

  8. Muhammad Rizky

    Which one is better. Xbox one s or xbox elite? It's hard for me to choose between them

  9. Best review

  10. 3 reasons I got the XBOX ONE S instead of the original XBOX ONE is because I don't have enough space around my television for the original XBOX ONE, I just had to get the latest and greatest out of a XBOX ONE since I didn't have the original model before, and the original model looks OK but I much prefer the looks of the ONE S better, not because it's smaller, but it's also better looking and I think most people agree.

  11. This guy is a euro-cuck

  12. YeshaGrace Gaming

    Do you have a projector?

    Let's talk about that.

    (GMM music starts)

  13. Wish it was in black

  14. dude wat kind of tv is that?

  15. Cheap consoles I've had 2 break in 2 years time. 100% trash. No quality to last with microcunt bill gates.

  16. dude what tv is that omg.

  17. Francisco Gonzalez

    I just want to play games on it and download my music on it but the 4 k part confuses me I have a HDMI Vizio screen TV so will the Xbox one s work on it?

  18. Rahul Pemmasani

    your fat

  19. AssertedSquash

    Is that tv a projector

  20. Hey would this be a good upgrade from the old XBOX 360? Yeah I still have that lol.

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