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Nintendo Wii Review – Console Variations and Accessories!

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  1. I never get tired of the motion controls on my Wii. The motion controls are why the Wii is my favorite console of all time. There's just something so cool about kicking Ganon's butt with the motion controls on both Zelda games for the Wii.

  2. I love motion controls and that's why I love Nintendo switch it's a shame that you don't aprichiate them

  3. i use it right handed and im left handed though im also a right handed shooter

  4. i remember getting the red wii (i still have it in the box) i was so happy when i got it when i was in grade 1 ahh nostalgia

  5. When I got my Wii in 2008 I was so excited that I farted to loud.

  6. kenneth hampton

    I've played Zelda oot, tp and ss. ss is very story heavy and their is a lot of hand holding compared to oot and tp.

  7. I'm left handed and I use them switched

  8. Michael Mueller

    the wheel is way better in my opinion, don't have a game cube but the wheel makes Mario cart easier than with just the Wii remote

  9. I never had a problem with the Wii wheel when I tried mario kart wii

  10. Looking back on the wii before I buy my switch on launch day. To be correct, I already bought it, but still

  11. The Wii was my first new console I got back in 2009 when I was one 7 years old, my first older console was a Pikachu N64 I got back in 2008, handed down from my parents who got it brand new in 2000. I still enjoy both consoles to this day, although I think I have ruined my Wii experience by installing the Homebrew Channel on it because ever since I did that, my console locks up when trying to start a GameCube game. I only ever did it because I wanted a Wii U really bad and was getting bored of the Wii being my newest (working) console, and I said working because I got an Xbox 360 in 2013 that my uncle got from Staples that ended up not working when I powered it on for the very first time after borrowing some cords. In 2016, I tried bringing back my 2010 Wii experience by putting it back in my living room, but I was the only person who touched it due to its age and it being hacked. I also think the Wii is the easiest console to softmod, because all you need is a file download and an SD card. I could talk more about my Wii experience, but I actually enjoy it more than the Wii U because it can be very boring, and I only have five games for it, and I've barely even played Super Mario Maker. Same thing with the PS4 and Xbox 360, which I got after the Wii. The only other consoles I have enjoyed equally were the N64 and GameCube, the latter I got in 2011 from my uncle.

  12. I wish I could bypass the Wii menu (with the game in the left upper corner) being that most of the wireless features are now inactive. I would like it to go straight to the game if there's a disc inside but I don't know if it can.

  13. I'm left handed and I use it with Wii Remote in Left hand and Nunchuck in Right.

  14. I recommend the very first Wii model because it is backwards-compatible with GameCube game discs, GameCube controllers (Regular and WaveBird wireless) and GameCube memory cards. The Wii is also compatible with an accessory which can allow you to play your games in HD.

  15. EvidentNight10

    Wii is a useless piece of shit that does not even work piece of shit cunt it can go suck off Nintendo the cunts that don't know shit about anything

  16. I just got another wii

  17. They're still planning on releasing breath of the wild for the wiiu and have made no announcement of a switch version so idk what you're talking about.

  18. I actually always used the wheel as it actually made the game control much better than the analogue stick but Mario kart is really the only game on the system that made good use of the motion controls everywhere else the motion controls were just mildly annoying at best

  19. Nicholas Bullock

    There were midnight releases for PS2 and Xbox systems and games.

  20. i got Zelda Skyward Sword for xmas 2011, and it has never been out the box!!! really need to get it played.

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