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GameStop Refurbished Xbox360 Review

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  1. you have extremely high standards for used consoles

  2. brandon nguyen

    Lol my cousin got a 360 used from GameStop and end up with the red ring of death

  3. Fred Flintstone

    How did you get that for 60 bucks with 2 yr warranty? They are 80 bucks right now and warranty costs 10 at gamestops site.

  4. Frank Gallagher

    how much was the 2yr warranty you got with this system?

  5. so is it still working?

  6. Does it come with a hard drive because I know the slim has a different kind of memory

  7. Min3rl3g4nd Gaming 悪いチャンネル

    how dare you skip the child ad, ur a moster

  8. controller looks like dragonpad version

  9. why are the sticks grey and not black? I would imagine you got a jacked up controller bc it's gamestop and as long as everything turns on and stay on for 5 minutes they don't care. I haven't shopped at gamestop for 5 years now bc of stuff like this and their business policies and this stuff was happening then. can't imagine it's gotten any better. so how about a follow up. did they hassle you about the controller replacement bc you bought it online? did the console function through Christmas?

  10. Liked!

  11. Bobby Sprinkle

    Mr. Nic my family just got a xbox360 we enjoy our xbox since i got my son back we can play it together

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