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The Nerd Cave – The Nerd Cave #45 – Nintendo Wii Review

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  1. My biggest complaint about the Wii would be that it did not come with a nun chuck the absolute most important accessory

  2. RainbowFirefly 88

    Kirby's epic yarn is the most creative game? Not a single game like it?
    :p three words. Little big planet.

  3. YourBoyPranksterGangster

    Who else owns a wii but still watches the videos for fun?

  4. I have a love affair with the 360 but metroid made me go to the white(???lol) side today. Its a great little buddy. I like it.

  5. The original Wii thanks to Mario Kart Wii and Super Smash Bros. Brawl is arguably the greatest multiplayer console of all time.

  6. The DVD capability was added to the competition since the reverse-compatibility had been removed

  7. You do a rather crappy job at reviewing. When you review you mention how "irrelevant" the wii is. You have a very biased view. But I love your collection.

  8. LBP is the best 2D platformer exept for Mario in my oppinion.

  9. Lynx Carpathica

    9:17 Nintendo dreamcast :V

  10. Nintendo Dreamcast 😂😂😂 awesome review

  11. Why the fuck do u talk like that

  12. Screaming Lespla

    Can't wait to play legend of zelda twighlight princess such a great game

  13. 60 fps in some games


    yeah the frame rate dropped a little on my PS3 while i was playing resident evil 5

  15. I remember my first wii, got it the day it came out, had to return it the next day because i accidentally threw the controller into my tv

  16. the ps eye toy sucked because sony makes stuff then never push it.

  17. I used to have a Xbox 360 and the games are expensive as crap, I sold to get a phone. I was sad cuz old loved it but luckily I forgot about my shiny black wii and took it out and connected. The wii has the best funnest games. Super Mario Bros serousky! Best game ever

  18. Who cares of hd support who cares about dvds, it was made for games

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