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Xbox 360 Slim Review – Is It Worth It?

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  1. its worth it..

    I mean if you can afford it.. got my own for 35€

  2. Hi! I would like to know if this console can substitute a blu-ray player. For example, can I play blu-ray discs? Can I use this console to watch Netflix or Youtube on TV? Can I watch videos of other internet sites using this Xbox system? Thank you. 😀

  3. michael del real

    just picked up a 500 gig Xbox slim at Wal-Mart for $179.99 and a couple of games and it also came with Forza 2 couldn't afford a Xbox 1 so far so good played for a couple of hours

  4. 360?slim is pretty good

  5. Epic Nessofgamenobs

    Im getting it preowned for $90

  6. U can transfer ur data from ur old Xbox by tanking the shell off of hard drive it's a metal box the size of that hard drive

  7. Crisp Cuts Landscaping

    Mine has a matte finish, so it doesnt attract fingerprints (as much). It is 250 GB. The kinect is a wired version. It looks much nicer, and you dont need to worry about the red ring (as much).

  8. Everytime you say the new xbox does not need as many volts I cringe. They both plug into a 120volt walloutlet. The difference is the new one uses less WATTS.

  9. How many times are you going to say "XBox"? Try mixing it up so this video doesn't sound so mundane. Use words like "console", "system" or "model".

  10. If it's supposed to be quiet, then why does mine go "MOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!"
    when I'm playing a disc? I'm not joking.

  11. Agustín Osterrtag

    El único que Habla Español por aquí? :/

  12. LD GP KillerTubeGameing

    i have one of these

  13. thank you so much man im picking this up 11th january

  14. On youtube you can find video about how to use your old hard drive into your new xbox360.
    great video, thanks for sharing

  15. David Isaacson

    You CAN use the old hard drive, just take the hard drive out of its casing. The hard drive from the 1st gen X Box 360 just uses a laptop drive, so that drive just slides easily into the slot. The drive capacity won't matter either.

  16. xXSoloMemeKingXx

    My hard drive fits

  17. I am having problems with touch sensitive buttons XD, when somone lightly touches the xbx Power turns off or game ejects, really annoying.

  18. Toms Konosonoks

    My 360 1TB slim is very good. Its worth to buy it in 2015. F**k you ps3 fanboys. Ps3's are good doe…

  19. I guess that I got a REALLY BAD Xbox because mine overheats when it just turns on and I can't play games with it really…

  20. Unknown Name. Legendary game gods

    Xbox 360 is not worth it its stupid and a waste of money please do not buy it please hardly has dinosaur games on it it sits there doing nothing at all I believe it should not exist at all

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