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Wii System Review (Wii)

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  1. Benjamin Stites

    Wii deserves an A- for being so awesome when developers got the controls right. There are 256 great games to own on Wii from it's library. A C- is just crazy talk.

  2. Barely ever played mine. Instead, I stuck to my PS3 & 360.

  3. The wii made a comeback in the Wii U but the Wii U is already dead and the switch is coming which can play Wii and Wii U games and others so the Wii and Wii U are not forgotten.

  4. New Bigtimersh5

    R.i.p. Nintendo Wii

    November 2006 – December? 2014

    "We always love it."

  5. SuperFlashDriver

    The Nintendo Wii was the last nintendo console we ever got. Now my siblings are more into Xbox 360 then the Wii but we use it when my friends come and hangout. Your old Wii reviews are still great to this day. I may not like the new reviews but your Nintendo Wii reviews are still great and I found you when I saw the rudolph game when I was searching rudolph the red nose reindeer back in 2010. Even if it's been 10 years after you started your first review, I never got tired or bored from the 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011, or 2012 reviews. They will always be memorable no matter what age I will become. There were times when I would be mad at you but the lines you said in some reviews I use in my chatroom. And I do credit you. "What a bunch of Jerks" is still my favorite line from you and it sums up what some people are. Some but not all. I grew up watching Wii Unboxing videos before we got our Wii in 2007, then it broke in 2008 when I pulled back on the gamecube wire that broke the laser inside. Then we got another one that same year but unfortunately it broke when we couldn't use the gamecube games anymore. I will always remember the N64, Gamecube, and Wii as the best consoles I played on, besides the PS1 and PS2. R.I.P. Nintendo Wii (November 2006- November 2012). Also, this year in November will be the tenth anniversary of the Nintendo Wii.

  6. lol ninjabread man in the beginning

  7. MrFlipperInvader782

    It's a shame due to the society of gamers now
    Pissed at nintendo for trying to attract a new audience which lead to the company's slow decline


  8. You failed to mention the Wii's backwards compatibility with GameCube games, and how much time can be got out of every great game. If somebody has every great GameCube, Wii, Virtual Console, and WiiWare game, and played them all to their full potential, they could get months and months worth of quality entertainment from their Wii.

  9. I have to stop watching because it sounds like you cloned yourself like 20 times and all of you are talking over each other. 🙁

  10. As long as a system has forty great games, it is worth owning.

  11. facesmileyball

    The depressing music at the end sure fits it.

  12. In Order                                                                                                             Animal Crossing:City Folks, Boom Blox, Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare Reflex, Country Dance, Disney Think Fast!,Data East Arcade Classics, Endless Ocean, Game Party, Wii Fit, Hidden Mysteries: Titanic, Goosebumps, Zack and Wiki, PunchOut, Action Girlz Racing, Go Play Lumberjacks, Team Elimination Games, The Magic Obelisk, Rudolph The Red-Nosed Reindeer, Mario Super Sluggers, Monster Lab, Mortimer Beckett, Wild Earth: African Safari, Anubis 2,Ninja Breadman,                 Quantum Of Solace, North American Hunting Extravaganza, Babysitting Mama, Obscure The Aftermath, World of Goo, LIT, Do Re Mi Fantasy, Startropics, Nerf N-Strike, Tetris Party, My Aquaruim, No More Heroes, Survivor, 
    Order Up, Gummy Bears: Magical Medallion, Resident Evil 4, Pets Dogz 2,             Pirates VS Ninjas Dodgeball, Klonoa, The Last Story.

  13. I'd give it an A- or a B+ if you are smart and dodge bad Wii Games like Ninjabread Man.

  14. PlayStationReviewer

    Fuck the Wii!!!!

  15. @ЭрикНадоша It's called Endless Ocean! It's really good check his review of it

  16. Эрик Надоша

    What was the name of game in 00:56

  17. I'd give it a A- or B+

  18. exactly the type of review I was looking for.

  19. Twilight & skyward sword with motion control plus
    the conduit
    Metroid prime 3
    super Mario galaxy 1 & 2
    pandoras tower
    xenoblade chronicles
    the last story
    the list goes on and on. imo the wii is the greatest console ever made. one thing that stikes me about the wii is its use of animation and colour. I feel it's unsurpassed. madworld fatal frame 2
    zack and wiki

  20. I would give it a a-

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