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Nintendo Wii – Console Walkthrough

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  1. It’s definitely more of an move your arms around system.
    Pretty dope.

  2. Wii is better than ps3 And xbox

  3. SecretSideProject

    CLOSE ENOUGH! but it is Wii U. xD

  4. YEsssss I LOVE WII

  5. wii need hdmi

  6. wii all day fuck ps3 and xbox 360

  7. I can’t wait.

  8. 3:14 Was that conduit :O?

  9. i have a wii and i really enjoy it, i love the fact it’s basically a
    gamecube too.

  10. wooooooooooooooow i love wii

  11. the sports games are just fun for a while then u want to kill them!

  12. The Harvesterian

    They almost can’t go any further than the wii. The next step would be
    virtual reality, a helmet with surround sound that responds to direction.

  13. Wii speak and usb wi-fi connector

  14. why would the holy mother of fuck would i get a 360 and ps3? i have an
    extremely powerful computer

  15. when i got mines it was like 265 0r 270

  16. Im getting one next week woohoo!

  17. hell yes dude they are awesome i got one last year and it kicks asss!

  18. wiis the best so fun and motionplus… plus it has netflix

  19. you are pretty much retarded, your probably like missing when attempting to
    put the game in the slot lol

  20. Yes, there is! I think, but nice comment, dude! YOU ROCK!!!!!!!!

  21. yellow light??? what the fuck!!

  22. Should i buy a wii or wait till something else comes out

  23. im gettin mine dis week

  24. i have ps3 & 360 but i thinking of buying this wii

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