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Classic Game Room – 4GB XBOX 360 console review

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  1. No HDMI on this thing? They really cut one corner too many.

  2. super travellers

    I love X box

  3. Roland Mendoza

    classic game room special edition Xbox 360 is the rarest ever 🙂

  4. CrimsonShadow 11

    I got this variant of the Xbox360 but with a 250 GB hard drive preowned for $180 (aussie bucks) had it for two years and never have I had any major problems with it, had one minor promblem which was sometimes it won't read my UT3 disk and I cant play it when it's really hot here makes it heat up twice as much (but that's just our climate) , especially when not having aircon. Such a great console though overall it even has genesis games 😊

  5. X҉e҉X҉ ҉N҉o҉o҉b҉

    dude you can insert a hard drive in it

  6. XxXstoneygamerXxX

    Going to buy one later as mine broke last week after 5 years

  7. 4gb?

  8. OpTic PhoenixMAN16


  9. i actually wanted the 4gb xbox 360. i didn't know what gigabytes were, so i was a jackass.

  10. Sgt. Rex Power Colt

    I don't know why, but this is my favorite classic game room video

  11. Dennis Forstner

    They sell proprietary internal hard drives for the slim and e models. It's kind of annoying that you have to buy an overpriced drive when the PS3 allows you to use a generic hard drive. Still it's a nice console to have. Also that's flash memory not a ssd, the 12gb PS3's have the same thing, there is no hard drive in the base models.

  12. jayakrishnan sajith

    can we play GTA 5 on this

  13. I have one, but got a 500 gb hard drive. The matte finish on the updated Slim is much better than the original Slim. The on/off sounds and soft touch buttons is a great touch.

  14. "this clearly implies you'll get laid if you buy an xbox!" LMAOOOO i laugh so loud to this Mom and Dad cursed me out!! xD xD xD

  15. this the best video I

  16. 4 gigabytes? What a rip-off. I prefer 250 gigabytes or higher.

  17. Stephen Canterberry

    xbox 360 it just what I want the best game console

  18. Stephen Canterberry

    I had my xbox 360 for 5 to 6 years in 2010

  19. i have a xbox 360 E

  20. Steve Normandin

    2:57 XD

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