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Super Mario Maker for Nintendo 3DS Review

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  1. i hope that when they make 3d mario maker for the 3ds all will be fixed

  2. hopefully they add not only street pass but full online features which can only be accessed through the internet

  3. Not buying until I can share online

  4. Infinite Fuze Dub

    Does this game work on other Dses like the old 3Des

  5. As a log time level-designer I find a 7.4 a justified rating

    Working alone always has its ups:
    Look at CSGO: Dave Johnston created with a 2-man team the most memorable level ever. Added to that, the 3Ds's portability completely outplays the online requirement. Personally I live in Finland, a country with a small amount of Nintendo users. A 15-min walk around a gamestop brought me a TON of levels.

    Added to the quality, this proves the power of the system running 3 wii-u ports and being small

    Sure missing online is a bummer, but I wouldn't call the game a complete flop or "Worth a 4." The game is fun with family or on long tavels.


  6. No online sharing, claustrophobic and complicated, not the best quality for me.. shouldn't have bought it

  7. You can't search for levels either

  8. Weed Snorkeler

    I absolutely love this game. I own the Wii U and 3DS version, but I'd much rather play the 3DS version of the game because my brother's on the Wii U all the time. I hate how you can't share your stages unless other friends own the game. Fingers crossed that later on Nintendo will add the ability to share courses online, I doubt it. After I completed the singleplayer stages I haven't even opened the game, if Nintendo never adds online then this game was a waste of $40.


  10. André Milan Matiello

    in the years 2013 and 2014, i downloaded a fan game of Mario, called Super Mario Bros. X (you should play it, it's good), and it has two modes
    the first mode is the game's own story mode
    the second is the one i most played, and it is the level editor mode
    i created TONS of levels, in wich most of them were EXTREMELY HARD, and i loved it!
    so, having a game, in wich i can create levels from SMB to NSMBU is a dream coming true
    sure it's hard not having sharing system, but for me, that played all those years almost the same levels without sharing with no one, it is not a big problem

  11. Patrick Weaver

    Will there be a Nintendo Switch version?

  12. So many people don't get it. There is an online function, you can download and play TONS of levels, its just they come from the wiiU version. You just can't share your own creations given that you have the 3DS version, hencce you can't play other peoples 3DS version creations but you CAN play levels uploaded by people who own the wiiU version, which I'm fine with because I'm a selfish bastard who just wants fun for myself.

  13. Βαγγέλης Τσακίρης

    I didn't understand… Is there a way to play courses from the Internet or not. Because i want to have that "infinite" number on courses for me to play. Pls answear

  14. If they at least AT LEAST added the server codes and ratings well it would be better.

  15. TheBlueBlur1501

    as long as 100 mario challenge is there ill be fine with what is is!

  16. Neecholas Gaming

    have they added online level sharing yet

  17. I was so hyped for this game 😓😞😩…NO ONLINE LEVELS

  18. Im a pc gamer and i really enjoy my 3ds, so i don't have a WiiU, too me this looks like a descent option

  19. Станислав К

    I have the 3DS version, And trust me, I got offended, I can't globally share levels at ALL!

  20. Matthew Murdock

    Nintendo, once again proving they're stuck in 1998. Not buying it.

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