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Breath of the Wild *WII U* Review | The Good, Not-so-Inferior Wii U Version

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  1. Every time BotW's framerate dips for me, i just sigh inwardly and remind myself I'm playing on a console. It's hard to get mad at framerates on consoles when there exist consumer GPUs for PCs which cost more than consoles by themselves. To wit, you get what you pay for.

    Give it a dozen years are so, we'll inevitably see a remastered port.

  2. get to the summit of a mountain and get bunted off by a Ram and watch as the joy leaves out of your body xD

  3. +Haedox While you are right about the game being a port for the Switch, its funny that game RUNS better and better RESOLUTION on the Switch! Furthermore, future DLC or content WILL ONLY be available for the Switch, NOT the wiiu. Btw its a dead console anyway so buying the game for the wii IS INFACT POINTLESS now, unless you don't have the money at the moment to het another console and the game for it!
    Just sayin

  4. Wii U version occasionally has an issue. I've done just over half the shrines. The worst hiccup I experienced was when four or five large, strong (but not boss) enemies and a smaller strong enemy were grouped up and I exploded a barrel and shot a bomb arrow or two into the fray.

    From comparisons I've seen there is little discernible difference between Switch and Wii U versions. Slight graphical difference? But have to squint to pretend to see it in side-by-side shots.

    By all means support Nintendo for once in your lives you heathens and get a Switch in the same way that most of you didn't get a Wii U. Okay, opposite that. But if you were one of the few and proud who got tired of people who didn'y own Wii U whining about how "bad" it is, BOTW Wii U version is just fine.

  5. Fruity Knuckles

    I've never liked Zelda. It was too limiting, but Botw is an exception. I like Mario games much more but I adore this Zelda game because it has a likeable art style as appose to twilight which I thought was pretty ugly. It also super fun.


  7. Fucking kys

  8. Robo Raptor Jesus

    I'm probs just gonna get the wii u port lmao, I won't need a switch till xenoblade 2 and bayonetta 3 anyways

  9. I played through this game and rarely did I notice any technical issues. And the ones I did notice are the same if not worse on Switch.

  10. NoLimitZ Piggy

    Bruh, Breath Of the Wild for the Wii U is basically completely the same. I dont get why people are hating so much. The framerate is just your internet and I havent had a single technical gripe at all.

  11. Nicolas Wazewski

    Its the same gameplay anyway though right? Just the switch has different controls and better graphics?

  12. Why buy a Switch or a WiiU? We's gots emulatoes!!!11!!!

  13. I'm totally fine with this game. loading times don't bother me. gives me time to plan out my next move. if I get a switch I'll get it and play it over again for sure

  14. "Hey I'm going to make this video entirely about whether or not the WiiU version is bad in comparison to the switch version..but FIRST lemme go on a several minute long tangent completely unrelated to the goal of my video"

  15. The problem is, people where I live are selling their used Wii U for well over $300. WITH NO GAMES INCLUDED. And to make things worse, there aren't any Switch(s) either. But luckily enough, there's a ton of BotW on store shelves though.

  16. God damn it so much talk for a single "I dont like open games but its ok if you do" point

  17. Kiefer Wickham

    I bought my switch just to play breath of the wild

  18. you're gameplay is washed out. fix your brightness, contrast, sharpness and color. then you will see it's not such a shitty looking game on Wii U

  19. Thank you so much for this review! It's been the most honest and helpful to me by far.

  20. I am going to get the switch on April 20th for my birthday and my cousin came over to let me play some Zelda on the wii u and i never noticed the frame drops

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