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New Nintendo 3DS XL Unboxing + Review!! US Release (Is It Worth It?? Old 3DS/LL Comparison!!)

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  1. I understand no charger for phones, but c'mon, a gaming handheld without an AC adapter? I'm glad I've been doing some research before buying one… I'm probably wanting to get one since I gotta play this waiting game to get more games out on the Switch!

  2. hi Dana shields 3ds red new 3ds lx

  3. Cian Oisin O'Leary

    I so want a new Nintendo 3DS XL in black so I can do gameplay videos and you can use amiibo that's the best about it

  4. Cian Oisin O'Leary

    3DS is better than 2DS because 3DS flips up and 2DS doesn't and if it flips up then it could protect the screen from getting shattered and scratched

  5. they should have Minecraft on the 3DS… if there is already… then im late but i doubt there is

  6. Jacquie Douglass

    thanks a lot man you really made my day by making that video because I'm saving up for a new Nintendo 3ds xl and I think that I'm sure about wat I'm doing so thanks for making it clear for me that anintend is my favourite console ever! thank you 😆

  7. LegenDairyFree Official

    so, does the system when you first open the box, does it come charged and ready to play?

  8. I got the new nintendo 3ds xl for 110$ on the app offer up about a month ago. It didnt come with the box but it had the charger plus was never played in brand new condition! Xbox 1, modded Psp 3000, and now I got a new 3ds xl.

  9. Does the old XL come with a charger?

  10. Sugar and Tea Productions

    I'm asking for this in metallic blue for Christmas because my brother has the black one

  11. just bought one today with pokemon moon it's awesome

  12. David Robinson

    You're profile pic looks awesome!!!!

  13. GlamGlamThePurpleGamer

    I just put the new 3DS XL (used) in layaway

  14. im looking forward I usually get around 180-300 dollars for bday money looking forward to buying the NEW nintendo 3DSxl haha or I might get the switch I dont know xD

  15. R u in Canada cuose I am

  16. i have a 2ds im thinking about buying a new nintendo 3ds xl because my 2ds has scratches and stuff i dont know if i should

  17. Great review and nice shirt

  18. will buy one plus pokemon sun or moon:)

  19. Jesus Preciado

    Does the game pad charger works with the new Nintendo 3ds xl?

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