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Is The Wii U Still Worth It?

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  1. Maldito Alcaraz

    should I buy it , if I want to play twighlight princess , breath of wild , ocarina of time , majors mask …

  2. LegoLoverPictures

    I could race you some time! Mario kart 8 is my favorite Mario Kart, and the one i'm best at.

  3. FearsomeMonkeyGamer1053

    I'm getting this over switch

  4. Jimmy's aggressive pizza

    i hate leaks

  5. People was sleeping on Wii U but then people started looking back at it like, I wonder how many games this thing got? Then they looked at it and saw 20 exclusives with high scores and was like Damn I didn't know it had all that.

  6. Good stuff. I got rid of my Wii U in favor of more RAM for my PC but I've got a Switch now. I expect great things from the Switch since it's also portable. Pokemon and Monster Hunter will push the Switch into the atmosphere.

  7. man I couldn't disagree more about ZombieU. For me the gamepad is what ruined the game, not made it. Also you say you hated the original donkey kong, then proclaim the wii u game is better than the Country games. lol… come on man.

  8. Gmerclan Denis


  9. Diogo V. Kersting

    BTOW and Mario Maker are a blast!
    Those two games alone were enough reason for me.

  10. bayonetta 2

  11. yes dumbass it can play all games from every nintendo ever made go wii u

  12. you said something bad about Nintendo land * triggered *

  13. Robin Alexander

    Just bought a used one
    Still a good system

  14. primary school

  15. I got one for Christmas 2015 and I'm still hooked.. But one good thing is that all the dlcs are free.

  16. javeria chevalier

    Wow your hair is flawless 😅

  17. redstoned4ever

    As soon as a pick up a nintendo controller… are you kidding? NES, SNES & Gameboy/GBA Controller Layouts) = YES! All controllers after are a HORROR!

  18. redstoned4ever

    To Answer your catchy Question: NO! The Wii U is not worth in 2017! Maybe USED for a very CHEAP price …fleemarket PRICE!
    This with the scraped Story mode in SM4SH is A LIE. Only a Nintendo Dump will believe this. Nintendo excuses for lazy work.
    And by the way: Wind Waker HD looks WAY better on CEMU (WII-U Emulator) than on WII U.

  19. SnipeyThePirateGamer

    nice vid bro! I wish to challenge you in kart…. zombie u is such a gem of a scary game!

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