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New 3DS XL Review – GameTech

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  1. Cactus Evergreen

    My new 3DS xl has treated me pretty well so far I just forgot about the vita

  2. Deion Greenaway

    oh I am sorry  I well give you sorry ** I not  happy mood no why I am rage mood beat hell Michael Jackson pony!

  3. Friendly Potato 206

    blue or black

  4. I was planning to get a Vita…but my sister convinced me to get this😄

  5. Amazing Red Lion

    I didn't buy a new 3ds xl because the c stick is hard for me to use and I don't care about using  amibos very much

  6. Brandon Schneider

    And lol the stylus is also made to help when removing the back cover

  7. Brandon Schneider

    I just bought the Pikachu Special Edition New 3DSXL this month, next month I can afford a charger, and the following month a game ;p Oh life and people wonder why I live in the 90s?

  8. rving kids Rose

    Fingerprint black

  9. Edward Robinson

    Its basically just like a ps4 pro but this time it's a handheld made by Nintendo which I have and I love it.

  10. audrey edmiston

    Wtf no charger in the fucking box?! That's soooooooooooo stupid that it breaks my brain and I'll never buy this product for that lame decision Nintendo made.

  11. my new 3ds broke and I had to go back to a standard 3ds

    it doesn't feel good as it used to .-.

  12. Got the ps vita the day it came out & it had great potential. Now that it seems that no one is making games for it so I moved to the 3ds. Hoping this will continue to be supported for the long run..

  13. which should i buy? new 3ds or switch?

  14. NobodyImportant3

    If anyone's in the market for a 3DS I'm selling a Cosmo black one on eBay. It's in great condition, fully functional, comes with three games and a compatible charger. Auction ends Saturday 1/28 Check it out: https://www.ebay.com/itm/282335477403

  15. Should I buy new 3ds xl or new 3ds?

  16. Joe Bergin •

    Hey guys ,im from ireland and looking to buy a new 3ds…but its €230 in stores(online shopping is not an option for me right now)should i buy it for €230 or save my money (P.S game is not included)

  17. Upgraded from my 2DS to this and man I am definitely NOT disappointed

  18. i got one for christmas, it great!

  19. Smolskeletonclique

    Man you talk really fast

  20. 1ST! I'm sending this on internet explorer so I hope it comes through instantly…

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