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Heavenly Sword PlayStation 3 Review – Video Review (HD)

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  1. the weakness is brevity and length. Can't beat my bayonetta or ninja gaiden

  2. Samuel Liddiard

    Chris Roper as in Roper Report Roper! Awesome!
    And button press mini games during boss encounter? Was this from before Quick time events were called Quick time events??

  3. Michael Nielsen

    what is the score?

  4. uggh I had 0 fun playing this game.
    but i did saw the potential it had. if only the fighting was more fun

  5. Tanmey Saraiya

    I hate those shooting arrow segments

  6. bring the sequel to ps4 tho

  7. I wish they'd make games like this with all female enemies. It's no fun to see the sexes fight each other, and whenever they make action games with female protagonists, it's always the same formular: strong female stereotype up against waves of generic dumb male soldier stock characters. I modded Resident Evil 4 for the PC so it was all violent females, replacing the Ashley escortee with Dr. Blank from 3rd Birthday. (google "Angry Zombie Women mod for RE4"

    It was nice to see Monkey & Trip as allies in "Enslaved" (albeit reluctantly at first), but you'd think they'd get it by now and make more games & comics about female-dominated universes with all violent women fighting each other.

  8. Felipe Simonetto

    This is a great game, don;t agree with he review at all

  9. Mark Kouznetsov

    One of the best games I have ever played. Yes, it has its flaws like controls or difficuiilty which sometimes can be overwhelming but the story and cutscenes with amazing visuals and enormous battles with hundreds of npcs on screen, also humor and over-acting and epicness with some sad moments and the score? Wow. All of these great things overshadow outdated mechanics. BUY IT!

  10. Just checking the review on one of my favorite games….listening to this guy I kinda wish I didn't. HE sucks…

  11. werthy is my name

    I loved this game. I seen the movie on netflix . Thought it sucked . But I know lots of folks want a sequel to this. In my opinion. I believe if something is good let alone great. It doesn't need a sequel. Don't ruin it. It's already perfect . And that's the problem with people now days. They can't enjoy something and let it pass . They want more! Well I hope they don't do a sequel because i think we should Just enjoy it while it's here and don't forget when it's gone. 馃檪

  12. This guys a idiot

  13. I think this review sounds like it was ranked on how close it was to god of war. from what I remember the original god of war was mainly mash square for attacks or mash circle for finisher moves since you never really had enough blue stuff for the special abilities.

  14. Finally got around to playing this. 聽Man this game is a LOT better than I expected! 聽It has some problems like the game not clearly explaining how to do certain things and also the six axis was a pain for me so I played it with that turned off. 聽But once you get the controls down, the game is great. 聽The story is nice and the game play is fun and I like the arrow shooting parts. 聽Haven't finished it yet but so far I'm loving it.

  15. MikeThe Commentor

    Was the term "Quick Time Event" not coined at this point in time?

  16. Vince Chambers

    The game is one war waah you fight three variations of enemies.

  17. Graphically this game holds up pretty well.聽

  18. I see nothing awesome about this game. Pretty average in my opinion. But it kind of remindes me of Conan which i recently finished on my GameCube, so i might try this one aswell. I hope i will eventually use more than 1 button playing it lol Peace!

  19. chronosarcanos

    And now for the Roper report !

  20. TheStriker1188


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