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Playstation Vita Review – Is It Still Worth Buying?

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  1. pls forgibe me senpai

    I found a 32gb card for £30 instead of £56

  2. Edmund Osborne

    R e a l l y

  3. why would I buy a Vita a console Sony themselves said they're not supporting and haven't in 2 years. they created the thing. how can you defend that. if Nintendo ever abandon one of their machines you guys would be saying " see that console sucked so bad even Nintendo stopped supporting it" people who defend the Vita are idiots and I'm not going to buy a PS4 and a Vita 800$ to do something that the switch can do for 300$ you are stupid

  4. I really want to but one of these.

  5. Bro try an iPhone

  6. nice video dude, I'm a huge Sony handheld fan. I love the psp and I love the vita. I have 3 vita now. I got lucky and came across a special edition white vita in great condition.

  7. Damn thats a ton of games for a 16gb card. I guess I need to delete some of my adult films.

  8. nice video

  9. Boko Le Chocobo

    Interresting enough, The Vita has more scheduled releases than the 3DS for 2017….

  10. lol, I got a Nintendo Switch ad on this video.

  11. That is the grubbiest looking thing I've ever seen.

  12. Are you wearing gloves?

  13. Nice to watch this on my 3DS

  14. i have 2000

  15. what kind of vita do you have 2000 or 1000

  16. if sony is not suppoting the vita how come they created it i still like the vita

  17. Robert Stevenson

    in 2017 the Vita is still an amazing handheld ..with loads of dedicated owners 🙂

  18. Is that wisp I hear in the background?

  19. where's persona 4 golden you son of a bitch?! lol

  20. Is the 16G memory card enough for the vita?

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