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PSP: 12 Years Later – In-Depth Review

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  1. Best hacking device I have ever owned. downgraded firmware numerous times, created pandora's batteries, used the Lumines exploit, ran a handful of emulators, and I would buy it again. I can't stand touch screens so I used my PSP to do anything, it can literally do anything with homebrew applications.

  2. Phones are shit compared to PSP


    I have psp 2000 for 5 years now and I never played umd in it, but I wish to play
    at-least one!

  4. Finch Chauncey Pangilinan

    I have psp 3000 and 1000 but the two of that is broken.😭😭😭😭😭😭

  5. I gotta go along with you man, Psp was always an amazing system. Plays great games, movies, music and a lot more. I have a 3000 model. If I could go back in time, I'd prob get a new 2, or 3000 model.

  6. Sindre Laupstad

    PSP is 13 years old now?? WTF I feel old. (I almost dont believe it)

  7. thescopedogable

    there is no limit to the size of memory card you can use on a psp I use a jail broke psp with a 120gb memory card I and have over 100 psp games 60 psx games and countless emulators you can see a video of it on my channel

  8. CrazyFishingDE

    I have a PSP Street, its funny to play Metal Gear Solid in the Bus or Underground

  9. SuperUser RooteDavid


  10. The PSP is so good compared to the PSVITA
    The games on the PSP are better than the PSVITA so much more variety

  11. Cloud o' Gaming

    Wow, never thought that the PSP was about the same age as me…and also discontinued a decade later

  12. GamingTutorials

    Well i am going to buy a psp slim after 1 or 2 months cause i have a psvita a 3ds and now i want a psp to complete my collection of awesome handhelds! Been collecting some money for the psp for the past two days i am sure in 1 or months i will be able to buy it!

  13. XD i am holding my psp 1000 and watching this video

  14. Fun fact: The NDS sold 90% more than the PSP

  15. George Tzoutzou

    i have psp go and my old psp 2000/3000.. miss them

  16. damn smartphones to hell

  17. I just got a 3001 from a friend a couple days ago and already I'm in love. I've only had a GBA and a DS as far as handhelds go, and playing PSP, GBA, and NES games on this is amazing. I, sadly, have never played any Zelda or Mario titles, so I feel like a kid again.

  18. the 2017 version of the psp is the Nintendo switch

  19. I'm thankful for my older brother bought this psp for 4 years just for fun, then he gave me the psp when he about to go to university

    even though the volume system broke (not that much) and the psp case (Idk what it's name) been torn but still usable

    the age is almost a decade, you can say

  20. I live in india and umds were way too expensive. I bought ghost of sparta for like 1200rs that like 20 usd. Even buying from the Playstation store couldn't give us a good deal. Even my umd drive stopped working thrice. Hence i hacked it played pirated games on it. Yeah you can frown on me but Sony had it coming.

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