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PS Vita Review, Is it Worth Buying in 2017?

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  1. I would gladly buy a Game for it. it's a powerful piece of hardware with a lot of innovative features that I think are perfect for a new generation of gaming. Playing 30 min of Gravity rush showed me all the potential it's really capable of.
    But unfortunately because the flow of games to it have stopped dramatically, the only reason I can think for buying it is for the Remote-Play feature for the PS4: streaming your ps4 gameplay directly to the Vita screen is very convenient.
    If you love gaming anywhere in your house then I would deffinately encourage you to buy it, other than that… let's just keep on hoping.

  2. Nice job great video

  3. The remote play option is what interests me the most.
    I'm pretty tempted to invest in one.

  4. KapowGamer HD ChenzatnTM

    Oye tengo una, opinión la verdad, creo de momento la switch no vale, la pena son muy pocos juegos disponibles, y en nuestro caso "latinoamerica" solo tenemos Shovel Knight, 1 2 Switch, Zelda, Just dance. eso si amenos que compremos importado de japon, ademas siempre en nintendo hay bloqueo regianal eso hasta ahora, pero la ps vita siempre había sido Region Free.

  5. I have a vita slim and apart from the memory card issue being too expensive, I would 100% recommend buying the vita to anyone. The game library is huge with a wide variety of genres to offer, plus games are still being released for it to this day. The online multiplayer features such as party is also a great tool when experiencing games with others.

    My PS ID: DamianGui-TAR93

  6. Luketime comicz

    I don't know if I should buy this a 3ds a Nintendo switch or Xbox one or even gaming pc Ahhhhhh

  7. See, I want to buy one, but with my luck, Sony is going to announce at E3 the successor to the Vita. And it's just so expensive. But I do want to play Uncharted and the Killzone game on the Vita.

  8. why would I buy a Vita a console Sony themselves said they're not supporting and haven't in 2 years. they created the thing. how can you defend that. if Nintendo ever abandon one of their machines you guys would be saying " see that console sucked so bad even Nintendo stopped supporting it" people who defend the Vita are idiots and I'm not going to buy a PS4 and a Vita 800$ to do something that the switch can do for 300$ you are stupid

  9. Obama the Llama

    I'm pretty sure that the vita has turned into a weeb matchine

  10. Alejandro Pizarro

    we habla en español

  11. Is there Minecraft in the PS Vita? I f there is I will buy it.

  12. Any upcoming vita?
    Please tell me if you know?

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  14. BenJamin Croft

    I've had the Vita since launch, and yes I got the 3G one, and this thing is STILL awsome!

    The Remote-play feature is what most people overlook. Not only can you remotely connect to either your PS3, PS4, or PSTV there is one really, really, cool trick you can do with the Remote-play feature with your Vita.

    After remotely connecting to either your PS3 or PS4, with your Vita, then, through either your PS3's or PS4's media player, wirelessly connect to your desktop, laptop, or tab from your Vita! How badass is that?! Having remote access to your desktop's, laptop's, or tab's music, videos, or pic files from your Vita, through either your PS3 or PS4, while on the go!

    That's just one of the many badass things this little hand held can do that many people overlooked.

  15. javeria chevalier

    If u don't want your vita can i have it

  16. I subscribed #vivamexico

  17. Martelle Jenkins

    i do have on problem with the vita and thats the remote play.. Because of the wifi connection to to connect with the ps4… What th flip is ip with that

  18. i will buy for sure !!

  19. What is that Cradle for the PS Vita Slim? May I please have an Amazon link?

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