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PSP 3000 Review

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JBuds J2 Premium Hi-Fi Noise-Isolating Earbuds Style Headphones (White/Gray)

  • Premium sound quality, Compact size, Sleek design, and ultra rugged durability
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  • Works with every iPod, iTouch, iPhone, mp3 player, CD, portable DVD, PSP, Nintendo DS, MD, and Laptop
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  1. Lolzmaster lord

    its real cheap now that the psp isnt supported by ps and real easy to install emulators

  2. PSP app kha se khride

  3. u can throw a nice case on it lol I hate cases

  4. and some pple say the screen of psp sucks…. now you can see close

  5. From where how I can get super Mario for PSP 3000

  6. great video famm

  7. I have the same case for my psp


    my psp looks more sharper reducing the quality of thr graphics of the game. i want some smoothness to help the quality of the graphics !

  9. Lukeson Gaming

    I have a psp street 😕

  10. Nicolo Winfred Osorio

    Hello everyone i have a second handed PSP and we formated it and it doesnt have UMD on games and even if i put UMD, it doest still apear please help and reply early guys

  11. Thanks a lot for the video, juste a little question, can we play super nintendo games on the psp 1000?

  12. I build myself a modded cfw psp 2000, changed the housing, adding the same case. I have snes/gb emu install and some ps1 games , diablo 1, silenth hill.

  13. plz any one answer dose i t touch or no

  14. elizabeth francis

    I wish I could hav one

  15. bro you faced any screen problems on 3000?

  16. now let's talk about what the PSP 3000 doesn't like about you…

  17. new 3ds destroys the PSP 3000.

  18. Jaronmi Rodriguez

    I miss my old PSP, definitely going to buy another one

  19. I love psp but I have no psp

  20. this is not a PSP motherfucker

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