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Metal Gear Solid HD COLLECTION Playstation Vita REVIEW (PS VITA) HD Gameplay

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  1. kuwabara kuwabara!

  2. still upset they didnt include peace walker in this hd fiesta for vita.


  4. just bought this today ​for $20

  5. Lecherodadystomp

    I always get excited when I see that you made a new video. Well done !

  6. Is getting a vita worth it? I feel like it's too late to adopt it.

  7. I play Snake Eater more than Sons of Liberty.

  8. Hey SJR, you mentioned the sticks were too sensitive for the sniper scope, but did you realize that you could hold L to tighten the aim sensitivity? I think that might have been mentioned in the manual.

  9. Another great Vita video, thanks! I might have to give this another go. I'm one of those people that didn't get past the controls. I'm playing Dragon Quest Builders at the moment. It's one seriously addictive game… just… one… more… side… quest!

  10. Love your reviews keep up the good work!!

  11. Daner Muhammed

    Superjumpreviews please can you also make a review for god of war collection for ps vita and also ratchet and clank collection for ps vita

  12. you should do switch reviews for games

  13. I've actually been considering getting this for my Vita for a while now, but couldn't really find a good review or gameplay footage to give me some insight. Having seen this, I may just decide to buy the game!

  14. Hey +SuperJumpReviews, can you review Ratchet & Clank Collection for PlayStation Vita?

  15. Review Street Fighter X Tekken for PS Vita!

  16. Still buying this game on ps Vita I want to own every version of the MGS games. And I can't wait for Death stranding.

  17. Armature should have done more vita ports.. All of them are perfect!

  18. Picking up anything else in the vita sale to review? Loved this game at full price anybody who owns a vita should pick up this

  19. Fort Worth Raised

    I will say this the shooting was terrible even for the standards at the time they were released. The touchscreen definitely made MGS 3 better for me though. It made me wish it was always like that. Due to the how much easier it made switching items.

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