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Sony Psp Go Review: Should You Buy A Psp Go

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compatible Controller features dual analog joysticks, full analog pressure-sensitive action buttons and D-pad, and intense vibration capability that lets you feel the action.
This adds a completely new dimension to sports, racing, fighting, and more games.
This Controller is fully compatible with all versions of Playstation2 system

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  1. So for the memory card that's one gb of internal storage what's the maximum could I use for it ? & also what's the maximum storage of the external hardrive ? If my question makes sense lol can anyone plz tell me

  2. why nor just get a psp 3000

  3. smg

  4. is it possible to get psp games free like u can on the original one

  5. Can't find any of the versions of the old PSPs for a reasonable fucking price. They're all over 100$

  6. cool im gonna get one

  7. I actually want to get a psp go. Loved this console because the analogue stick is better then the psp.

  8. I plan on buying one.


    will I buy xperia play or psp go. plzz tell.:-)

  10. I never had this version of the PSP but I always liked the look of it.

  11. Cfw makes this the best portable handheld for retro gaming that's why used ones are still expensive

  12. justin stockwell

    lol psp go isnt even that old

  13. Clorox Bleach Wipes

    you make very high quality vids for small youtuber ill sub.

  14. nice vid And I love my psp go

  15. should i buy a psp go? hells nah a new one goes for 300 still.

    and i dont trust used ones. which i can only find thru craigslist and ebay aka scam city

  16. another great video!!!

  17. Thanks for making this! 😀

  18. I like it and love it

  19. Victoria Ortiz

    it looks smooth

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