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Classic Game Room – PS VITA review

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  1. The Great Walrus

    From what I've noticed, everyone who has a Vita loves it. I wonder why it failed?

  2. LiquidTheVixen

    Viva lã vita. I really loved the psvita, especially for the first time being on the cool pages on LBPV, I seemed to used the vita more than the 3ds, it's sad that I lost it Unfournatley :(. The only thing I hate about the vita is the screen.

  3. Eh, it wasn't obsolete the moment it came out tbh

  4. Lord Karnage, your inner Sega fanboy is showing

  5. its too pricey I never would never outright pay over 100$ for any console I still play my nds lite sometimes mostly Google play games and ps3 but I don't own the ps3.

  6. I wanna try this

  7. what first person shooter games are available for PS VITA?

  8. Kawaii Pikachu

    I have a vita, and honestly there aren't many interesting games for it. I think the best games I have on the Vita are PSone classics. The Vita will only have better games if you play PS4 games on it, and not everyone has a PS4.

  9. Is there any good games for the vita? I still have mine since launch have a few games for it but I want to pick up more.

  10. I still call it the PSP2. PS Vita is a dumb name

  11. Lame… Didn't even play vectrex.

  12. Why do you think the PS Vita is a stupid name? I'm just curious.

  13. Thanh Quang Phùng

    New colors of Visa is beautiful! In this video is red or oranage?

  14. they should make little graphics cards to upgrade your vita

  15. I love my PS Vita, but one thing that annoys me is that it can't run MGS1 because that was used as an exploit, and using remote play for the PS3 version is one of the few games that don't work well. You can't even use the diagonal directions on the d-pad.

  16. I bought one of these super expensive 64gb cards from japan. Very hard and painful purchase, but I love the card and I would never ever want to have less space on the vita than that.

  17. Killzone Mercenary is the best shooter for the Vita!

  18. New 3ds xl is still better

  19. The only problem with the vita is the memory price otherwise it's amazing you can play any game on it that you can play on ps4 and the sound and graphics are amazing I really like it a lot more than the 3DS

  20. I heard that you can't use the U.S PSN store on an imported Vita. This isn't true, is it?

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