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PlayStation Vita Review | 2016

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  1. Here's a PlayStation Vita Buyer's Guide!


  2. Anyone playing NFS MW 2012 on PS Vita in 2017?

  3. Xander Gamer12

    I will Buy PlayStation Vita because of The Walking dead
    Walking Dead is one of my favorite games
    btw I subbed, What should I buy fat or Slim PSVita?

  4. Abdul Aali Kamal Din

    I know it's been over a year since this video was released and also PS Now is no longer available on the Vita, but all the other facts and points still are valid to this day.
    I'm just curious, how did the info about the mystery port being an audio/video ports come about? Was it ever used?

  5. Marion Hinzman

    What PS2 games are on PSVITA ???

  6. there were better games for the psp

  7. I don't have the vita but the software, design and buttons look amazing, can't believe something like this failed. It looks really good.

  8. ps tv sucks some games dont work no netflix

  9. Actually, a really great review 🙂

  10. Did he say Sega 3DS? @ 7:53

  11. So, I'm confused, do vita games come on an actual physical "cartridge", or are they download only?

  12. MactanImagineNation Dela Serna

    nice one guys…

  13. Calixto Cabrera

    A powerful handheld, keep it in the playstation atmosphere gamers_

  14. you can get it on amazon for the fraction of the cost heres the link: http://amzn.to/2bEWUAv

  15. Thanks. 1200 games huh. Youtube discontinued? Must be a way to get that on there though.

  16. you deserve more subs

  17. Ok have have be honest, I thought the Play Station Vita was obselete. Excellent review.

  18. Blayzon - Minecraft

    it doesnt suck. it swallows

    im just being silly lol

  19. JANUARY 7TH IS MY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  20. thank you for the great reveiw

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