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Watercooling my extreme gaming pc…externally – with the Aquaduct 720XT markV + Lian Li PCO-8 case

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  1. lol miht work its looks like shit tho in all honesty you should have saved your money and brought the dg-87 evga case plenty of space for fans radiators and cooling at like $380 max

  2. bro thats not an sli bridge

  3. is he dutch?

  4. Rene Stanneveld

    a 240 and a 360 fit inside the case. if one uses hardwarelabs rad's i bet its even cooler then this aquacomputer rad.

  5. Suryanto 41516010032

    what the…. u use 2 VGA"s ?? what a rich man

  6. monster ahhahhaha

  7. you put wayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy to much thermal paste on waaaaaaaaaaaayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy to much better home its non conductive because you know it squeezed out all over!!!

  8. David Vanarsdall

    why no high band sli bridge?

  9. Is that bracelet necessary?

  10. May I ask what ur way of making money is? Ur setup is absolutely sick man.

  11. the backplate won't help cool your GPU maybe the vrms maybe but that's a mith nice build anyway

  12. Why he fuckt GPU !??????????

  13. Can I use thermal tiles?

  14. Subscribed because you are the ONLY youtuber I've seen use ANY kind of ESD protection while building!!!

  15. Beautiful.

  16. Such a nice change from all these "wild, super loud and fake'y exited geeks" that talk about their setups like they invented a cure for cancer…The setup looks lovely, I bet with such monitor it's a totally different experience.

    Quick question – MSI doesn't have a greates rep, but every review I come across shows the use of MSI components. A lot of times it turnes out the MSI was basically a sponsor, that's why, but I wanter what are your thoughts on that?

  17. fuck this

  18. I think the biggest issue with me and most people I talk to who are just getting into water cooling, is definitely installing the GPU waterblock.

  19. go buy a small case and also buy a huge dick like radioator to make it cold. what a stupid idea. thats why i choose PS4 simple elegant small

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